Apple bags Microslot antenna patent

Apple has been looking to make serious changes to the exterior appearance of their devices as they have been applying for various kinds of patents like the fingerprint sensor, and now we have news that they have just been granted the patent for Microslot antenna by the USPTO which integrates cellular and wireless radio antennas into the case material.

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A Byte of Apple : The Lull Before the Storm?

All it took was a couple of innocuous third-party app screenshots in several patent applications Apple had filed late last year, and the next thing you know, vocal advocates of developer rights were screaming nothing short of bloody murder! If you haven’t tuned into the ‘Where To?’ furor that has erupted so far, what actually happened is this. Apple’s patent application described an integrated travel application for the iPhone, which allows you to for example feed an itinerary into your iPhone and have it send out notifications to your hotel and taxi service the moment you landed at your destination! It just so happened that in the description of the patent, there was a screen image that was pretty much a direct copy of the interface found in the third-party application ‘Where To?’. What was meant to illustrate a user interface that one might expect in such an app turned into quite something else. Instead of being treated as a tip of the hat to the developers of ‘Where To?’ for their excellent user interface, Apple has on their hands mass hysteria and blind panic that followed (in some circles, at least), with many claiming that Cupertino was trying to patent third-party application ideas and claim their IP to be its own. Things only quietened down when reps from Apple sat down with folks who developed ‘Where To?’ and discussed alternatives such as attributing the screenshot in the patent application to ‘Where To?’.

As loyal and fiercely protective developers get around a platform, Apple’s possibly learnt something out of this – reach out to your developers and keep them in the know, especially if their intellectual property figures anywhere in your documentation.

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Antenna Gate is not yet over , Apple silently adds Nokia N97 Mini to the death-grip


The Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Gate fiasco might be far from over. Looks like Apple has silently added the Nokia N97 Mini to the list of devices on it’s Antenna website.

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Nokia says they would care for antenna performance more than physical design

Engadget has posted Nokia’s statement regarding Antenna Design. We all know Nokia phones have great reception even in areas of poor coverage. Looks like Nokia wants to remind all of us that it still makes great phones and that it has invested tons of money and time for antenna design and performance !

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A Byte of Apple : iPhone 4 Press Con Predictions

The death-grip-gate drama surrounding the iPhone 4 and its mysterious signal dropping is coming to a head, with Apple hastily convening a press conference later tonight at its Cupertino campus. A quick recap if you’re just tuning in – after a number of users reported signal and call/data drops when their hands bridged the new iPhone 4 antenna, Apple issued a public statement stating it was a mere ‘formula error’ that led to users seeing more signal bars than they should in certain cases. It took independent body Consumer Reports, which tested three iPhone 4s in its radio frequency isolation room and issued a ‘not recommended’ status due to the significant reception problems (when holding the phone over its lower-left corner), for Apple to pull together an event to tackle this issue head-on.

Now, in typical Apple fashion, an invite to this event, even to the select few who do receive it, is short on detail, except that it will be around the company’s flagship smartphone. This is a first for Apple – as far back as I can remember, and aficionados out there can correct me if I am wrong, Apple has never called for a press conference for anything other than a new product announcement. Amidsts all the theories and expectations around what Apple should do at this event, here are our educated predictions about how it will go down come Friday 16th July, 10 AM Pacific time:

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