HTC Sensation facing “Death Grip”?

This is not a happy news for HTC fans who are eagerly waiting to buy the HTC Sensation. Nordic Hardware has tested the HTC Sensation in their Test lab and found that the phone has antenna issues, similar to that of the iPhone 4. HTC Sensation is already available in UK and coming to T-Mobile USA next week. Continue reading “HTC Sensation facing “Death Grip”?”

A Byte of Apple : iPhone 4 Press Con Predictions

The death-grip-gate drama surrounding the iPhone 4 and its mysterious signal dropping is coming to a head, with Apple hastily convening a press conference later tonight at its Cupertino campus. A quick recap if you’re just tuning in – after a number of users reported signal and call/data drops when their hands bridged the new iPhone 4 antenna, Apple issued a public statement stating it was a mere ‘formula error’ that led to users seeing more signal bars than they should in certain cases. It took independent body Consumer Reports, which tested three iPhone 4s in its radio frequency isolation room and issued a ‘not recommended’ status due to the significant reception problems (when holding the phone over its lower-left corner), for Apple to pull together an event to tackle this issue head-on.

Now, in typical Apple fashion, an invite to this event, even to the select few who do receive it, is short on detail, except that it will be around the company’s flagship smartphone. This is a first for Apple – as far back as I can remember, and aficionados out there can correct me if I am wrong, Apple has never called for a press conference for anything other than a new product announcement. Amidsts all the theories and expectations around what Apple should do at this event, here are our educated predictions about how it will go down come Friday 16th July, 10 AM Pacific time:

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