N96 out again on the rumor mills – This time too REAL

Well the BIG MOMMA wont be a fairy tale after all. After VIKY posted it a long time back. it all assumed to be a fair rumor. Ofcourse it had to., The N96 was like a BILLION DOLLAR BABY with those specs that would make HILLARY quit the presidential elections..The N96 looks similar to the N95 but is inspired by the new nseries design like the N81.

nokia n96

The Specs of this phone were leaked on the Nokia german site (ofline now ) We can expect this phone to makes it debut at Barcelona next week !!


  • Quadband EDGE
  • Dualband HSDPA 850/2100 MHz
  • DVB-H Class C
  • 92 cc volume
  • 125 gram weight
  • 103 x 55 x 18 mm
  • 16 GB internal memory AND a microSD slot;
  • 950 mAh battery
  • 6.1 cm (2.8 inch) 320×240 display with 16 million colors
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • WiFi (802.11b/g)
  • AGPS
  • 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens that also does VGA video recording at 30 FPS, Dual LED flash that can also be used when video recording!
  • S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 (Flash Lite 3 enabled web browser included)
  • microUSB

We’ll hold off on calling this thing a winner until we see it in person, but other than the lack of HSDPA 1900, there’s nary a spec in the list that we find ourselves frowning over.

Catch the N96 In India FIRST!

And the World will catch em later!!

you could see SHARUKH saying this on our tv screens soon!!

eBay seller offers Nokia Aeon, is a flat out liar

Seems to good to be true? Yesiree, we’re betting it is, too.

A ebay reseller is offering Nokia Aeon. well you might ask whats so wrong in it., citing ebay is afterall for e-selling only.

well looking into finer details..


Nokia’s Aeon is a concept. The concept handset is “Not even released for sale in INDIA yet !, Nokia’s Biggest manufacturing facility and handset market”. Continue reading “eBay seller offers Nokia Aeon, is a flat out liar”

Windows Mobile on Nokia

Nokia has always been happy and successful with using Symbian and maintaining its relations hip with Symbian. No body would ever imagine Windows Mobile running on Nokia phones, but IT Wire has reported that software giant Microsoft is in talks with Nokia and has asked Nokia guys to offer Windows Mobile Operating System on Nokia devices. Continue reading “Windows Mobile on Nokia”

O2 launches XDA Orbit

O2 are the guys, who make Windows Mobile smart phones, the company, sometime back had launched the O2 XDA Flame, which had a dedicated NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit. The Flame was pretty much successful in the market. This time O2 guys have come up with the O2 XDA Orbit featuring the Windows Mobile 6 Operating System. O2 is Wi-Fi enabled, supports 3G and on the top of that it has built-in GPS, which works smoothly with the Co-Pilot Software.o2_xda_orbit_2_cell.jpg Continue reading “O2 launches XDA Orbit”

Nokia E51 without Camera launched

Business users who have had to leave their mobile phones in the security terminals of office complexes due to security rules that disallows cameras at the work place can now buy the Nokia E51 without a camera.



The new handset has all the features of the E51 with Camera.

For more on the features of the handset, read the review posted by Fonearena. Continue reading “Nokia E51 without Camera launched”

Ngage relaunch gets closer with pre-release downloads


Today marks a huge step towards the official release of the N-Gage Platform for the Nseries devieces. For the time being however, Nokia has chosen to invite N81 owners to the party a bit earlier than the

rest of us. The pre-release version of N-Gage is available for download immediately and there are several game titles on the shelf as well. To download it you can visit http://forums.arena.n-gage.com/nokia/board?board.id=downloadingapplication N-Gage users can trial games prior to purchasing them and plenty of great developers have already jumped on board. Popular titles include

  • FIFA 08
  • Asphalt 3
  • World Series of Poker
  • Midnight Pool 3D.

Continue reading “Ngage relaunch gets closer with pre-release downloads”

Rollable cell phone screen


When we are fighting to share limelight and craving to be noticed only way to do it is to prove to be different. So does a company that has suffered tremendous losses thrive to be up and coming, it can be achieved only by inventing something new. Well that is what is going about in the Motorola camp.


Motorola has recently filed patents for a rollable cell phone display. It seems that this new display will feature “an interface that is made of a flexible material and has an active and inactive position. The interface is coupled with a reservoir. The reservoir is used for storing electrorheological fluid. The user interface system also includes a source that is coupled to the reservoir. The source is used for applying an electric field to the electrorheological fluid when the interface is in the “active position”. Continue reading “Rollable cell phone screen”

Motorola M990 Smart Rider

So Motorola aint actually plannin to sell their mobile division. Though speculations are high and abuzz circulations goin around in d web Motorola doesn’t seem to stop launching new phones.

Today FCC has given it’s approval to one strange device – Motorola M990 Smart Rider “GSM high tier fixed mobile car phone”.

Ain’t that that a cool name for a cellular device? The looks are pretty unconventional too:

Motorola M990 Smart Rider is a mobile phone that requires a professional install and provides Continue reading “Motorola M990 Smart Rider”

zzzPhone Built to Order Mobile Handset

Like cars now mobile phones can also be customized. Outer look will be there but what goes inside can now be easily customized. zzzPhone is the company that has made this possible. This service is for people who want mobile phones with their kind of applications and not what the handset manufacturer provides.zzzPhone_Screenshot.JPG Continue reading “zzzPhone Built to Order Mobile Handset”

Motorola Z12 ZiNE pictures leaked

motorolaz12scarvenfirstfh1.jpgWell we have been hearing quite abuzz in the mobile world and circulations across the web that Our beloved Motorola are following suite Siemens and Philips in selling of their mobile phone division.

To put aside all these rumours Moto has released a teaser video In the 3GSM Congress and now the actual pictures of the long rumoured Motorola Z12 ZiNE a.k.a. Skarven have been leaked.

The photos make it look exactly like the recently launched Z10 though Z12 will have more of touch based interface, the keypad will be touched orientated and the display will obviously be a touchscreen as rumors confirm it has symbian UIQ

The Z12 is rumoured to have 5 megapixel Kodak camera. Continue reading “Motorola Z12 ZiNE pictures leaked”

Mobile World Congress 2008

Formerly known as 3GSM, the Mobile World Congress is all set to be held in Barcelona, Spain from 11th – 14th February, 2008. Like CES 2008, this show will see the launch of several handsets in all categories by almost all companies.


Robert Redford

In fact, some companies such as LG, Motorola and Samsung have already begun showcasing the handsets that will be officially launched here.

Also watch out for the appearance of the handsome and talented Robert Redford (film actor, director and Sundance Institute Founder & President) who will headline at Mobile Backstage, a special one day Mobile Entertainment conference on Wednesday 13th February 2008. Continue reading “Mobile World Congress 2008”

Samsung G800 + Symbian S60 OS9.2 = Samsung G810

The same Samsung G800 with 5 megapixel camera sensor and 3x optical zoom, has been reinforced so that it can directly battle with the mighty Nokia N95 in the name of G810


Using the same software, Symbian Series 60 OS9.2 with Feature Pack 1 is quite a great move for Samsung’s Flagship (?) device to become one of the best in its kind.

* GSM/UMTS/3.6 Mbps HSDPA connectivity
* Symbian 9.2 OS with S60 3.1 UI
* 2.6″ 262K Color QVGA TFT display
* 5 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom, anti-shake, face recognition, macro mode, autofocus, etc;
* 150 MB of memory and microSD memory card slot
* GPS navigation
* Wi-FI b/g
* Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, USB 2.0 (microUSB connector)
* 1200 mAh battery
* Dimensions: 104×52×9×18 mm Continue reading “Samsung G800 + Symbian S60 OS9.2 = Samsung G810”

Nokia E90 Has Serious Microphone Problems

Is Nokia getting sloppy with its handset production, or is the entire list of faulty components just a bad dream? As if the battery issue was not enough, Nokia E90 seems to come with several other drawbacks, some of them serious enough to endnokiae90hasseriousmicrocu2.jpg

anger its production.

Many newly Nokia E90 Communicator owners have complained about microphone problems and scratches on the internal screen due to the keyboard. Such situations must have been overlooked in the development stage, as they are actually the result of minor slips. Moreover, an EMEA network operator which has been selling the E90 last month registered a 70 percent return rate. That’s a huge number which shows that there is the device has serious problems to solve before daring to show its face to customers again. Continue reading “Nokia E90 Has Serious Microphone Problems”

Its official N82 in black

The long rumored black N82 is official There were many rumors about a black N82 in the last weeks, there were many photoshopped pictures of it, but now it´s official.

In my opinion it looks very good! I hope it will be available in Europe and Asia as soon as possible.

2246244590_396c28f44c_o.jpg Continue reading “Its official N82 in black”