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Last Updated On October 1 2013
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  • These prices are sourced from various mobile dealers in india.
  • Prices indicated are with bill and warranty.
  • Taxes are not included as they vary from state to state.
  • Disclaimer:We do not claim any guarantee for the prices. It might not be correct at all times although we try our best to do the same

Model Price


Nokia Lumia 1020 Rs.48055
Nokia Lumia 920 Rs.31427
Nokia Lumia 925 Rs.28211
Nokia Lumia 820 Rs.20600
Nokia Lumia 720 Rs.17345
Nokia Lumia 625 Rs.15758
Nokia Lumia 620 Rs.12700
Nokia Lumia 710 Rs.11499
Nokia Lumia 610 Rs.11199
Nokia 515 Rs.10299
Nokia Lumia 510 Rs.9291
Nokia Lumia 520 Rs.8734
Nokia Asha 311 Rs.4300
Nokia Asha 308 Rs.5500
Nokia 301 Rs.5400
Nokia Asha 310 Rs.5320
Nokia Asha 501 Rs.4950
Nokia 208 Rs.4866
Nokia Asha 210 Rs.4700
Nokia Asha 309 Rs.4680
Nokia X2-02 Rs.4100
Nokia C2-01 Rs.4100
Nokia Asha 200 Rs.4009
Nokia 206 Rs.3600
Nokia Asha 205 Rs.3550
Nokia 112 Rs.2770
Nokia 114 Rs.2470
Nokia 101 Rs.1629
Nokia 100 Rs.1335
Nokia 105 Rs.1190

Sony Ericsson



Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Rs.49990
Samsung Galaxy Golden Rs.49900
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rs.46330
Samsung Galaxy S4 Rs.39530
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Rs.35200
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Rs.30890
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rs.30825
Samsung Galaxy Note 510 Rs.30199
Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom Rs.28500
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 311 Rs.24900
Samsung Galaxy S III Rs.24673
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 Rs.23635
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Rs.23130
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 310 Rs.20690
Samsung Galaxy S Advance Rs.19500
Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Rs.18307
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 211 Rs.16900
Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro Rs.16060
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 Rs.15499
Samsung Galaxy Core Rs.13335
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 210 Rs.12499
Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Rs.11700
Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos Rs.9700
Samsung Galaxy S Duos Rs.9650
Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos Rs.7800
Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Rs.7600
Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA Rs.7350
Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Rs.6580
Samsung Galaxy Music Duos Rs.6500
Samsung Galaxy Y Rs.5975
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo Rs.5600
Samsung Galaxy Y Plus Rs.5499
Samsung Rex 90 Rs.4900
Samsung Galaxy Star Rs.4845
Samsung Rex 80 Rs.4714
Samsung Rex 70 Rs.4034
Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos C3312 Rs.3749
Samsung Rex 60 Rs.3720
Samsung Champ Neo DUOS Rs.2950
Samsung Metro 2252 Rs.2760


LG G2 Rs.38750
LG Optimus G Pro Rs.34500
LG Optimus Vu Rs.30000
LG Optimus G Rs.28500
LG Optimus 4X HD Rs.27650
LG Nexus 4 Rs.24583
LG Optimus 3D Max Rs.24500
LG G Pro Lite Dual Rs.22900
LG Optimus L9 Rs.16300
LG Optimus Black Rs.13999
LG Optimus L7II Dual Rs.13102
LG Optimus L7 Rs.12579
LG Optimus L7 II Rs.12500
LG Optimus L5II Dual Rs.10500
LG Optimus L5 Dual Rs.10000
LG Optimus L5 II Rs.10000
LG Optimus Hub Rs.9850
LG Optimus Net Dual Rs.9700
LG Optimus L5 Rs.8900
LG Optimus L4 II Dual Rs.7600
LG Optimus L3II Dual Rs.7150
LG Optimus L3 Dual Rs.6999
LG Optimus L3 II Rs.6930
LG Optimus L3 E400 Rs.6300
LG T515 Rs.4500
LG T375 Rs.4219
LG A390 Rs.3450


Blackberry Q10 Rs.42410
Blackberry Z30 Rs.39900
Blackberry Z10 Rs.28745
Blackberry Bold 9900 Rs.28499
Blackberry Torch 2 9810 Rs.24700
Blackberry Q5 Rs.24250
Blackberry Bold 9790 Rs.19830
Blackberry Torch 9860 Rs.18700
Blackberry Curve 9370 Rs.16375
Blackberry 9720 Rs.15300
Blackberry Curve 9320 Rs.13299
Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Rs.9999
Blackberry Curve 9220 Rs.8499


HTC Butterfly S Rs.54990
HTC One dual sim Rs.48565
HTC Butterfly Rs.37549
HTC One Mini Rs.34482
HTC One X Rs.33999
HTC Desire 600c Rs.28995
HTC Desire 600 Dual Sim Rs.28152
HTC 8X Rs.23054
HTC Desire XC Rs.18780
HTC Desire SV Rs.16700
HTC Desire X Rs.13613
HTC Desire XDS Rs.13560
HTC 8S Rs.13100
HTC Desire U Rs.11429
HTC Desire C Rs.9360
HTC Wildfire S Rs.8530
HTC Explorer Rs.6599


Apple iPhone 5s Rs.53500
Apple iPhone 5 Rs.45500
Apple iPhone 5c Rs.41900
Apple iPad 4 Wifi+4G Rs.39900
Apple iPhone 4S Rs.39200
Apple iPad 2 3G Rs.32900
Apple iPad 4 Wifi Rs.31900
Apple iPad Mini WiFi+4G Rs.29900
Apple iPad 3 Wifi Rs.29690
Apple iPad Mini WiFi Rs.21350


Sony Xperia Z Ultra Rs.41718
Sony Xperia Tablet Z Rs.41500
Sony Xperia Z1 Rs.40165
Sony Xperia Z Rs.32542
Sony Xperia ZL Rs.28112
Sony Xperia ZR Rs.27970
Sony Xperia SP Rs.22200
Sony Xperia P Rs.19816
Sony Xperia C Rs.19116
Sony Xperia L Rs.15700
Sony Xperia J Rs.13819
Sony Xperia go Rs.13100
Sony Xperia Neo L Rs.12700
Sony Xperia Miro Rs.12587
Sony Xperia U Rs.12335
Sony Xperia M Rs.12216
Sony Xperia E Dual Rs.9050
Sony Xperia E Rs.8230
Sony Xperia Tipo Dual Rs.7526
Sony Xperia Tipo Rs.6691


Spice Pinnacle FHD Mi-525 Rs.14300
Spice Mi-535 Rs.11990
Spice Stellar Prime Mi-510 Rs.9999
Spice Stellar Virtuoso Mi-495 Rs.9200
Spice Coolpad Mi-515 Rs.9150
Spice Stellar Slatepad Rs.8790
Spice Stellar Horizon Pro Mi-505 Rs.7820
Spice Stellar Virtuoso Pro Mi-491 Rs.7510
Spice Coolpad 2 Mi-496 Rs.7400
Spice Smart Flo Pace 2 Mi-502 Rs.6498
Spice Stellar Nhance Mi-435 Rs.6320
Spice Stellar Glamor Mi-436 Rs.5770
Spice Smart Flo Ivory Mi-450 Rs.5640
Spice Stellar Jazz Mi-353 Rs.4470
Spice Smart Flo Pace Mi-422 Rs.4460
Spice Mi-352 Rs.4400
Spice Smart Flo Pace 2 Mi-502 Rs.4400
Spice Smartflo Space Mi-354 Rs.3892
Spice Mi-351 Rs.3799
Spice Boss Entertainer M-5405 Rs.1890
Spice Boss Marathon 3 M-5326 Rs.1770
Spice Boss Dura 3 M-5372 Rs.1650
Spice Boss Flair M-5249 Rs.1650
Spice Dura 2 M-5398 Rs.1500
Spice Boss Killer 2 M-5361 Rs.1440
Spice Boss Dura M-5030 Rs.1100
Spice Boss Champion 3 M-5015 Rs.1050
Spice Boss Champion 2 M-5008 Rs.965



Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 A240 Rs.18000
Micromax Canvas 4 A210 Rs.16000
Micromax A116 Rs.13500
Micromax Canvas Ego A113 Rs.12100
Micromax A110Q Rs.11600
Micromax Funbook Pro Rs.10800
Micromax A111 Rs.10300
Micromax A110 Rs.9780
Micromax A88 Rs.9150
Micromax Bling 3 A86 Rs.8799
Micromax A90S Rs.8690
Micromax A101 Rs.8500
Micromax A115 Canvas 3D Rs.8500
Micromax A92 Canvas Lite Rs.8100
Micromax Funbook 3G P560 Rs.7800
Micromax Canvas Fun A76 Rs.7800
Micromax A91 Ninja Rs.7500
Micromax Canvas Fun A74 Rs.7400
Micromax Funbook 3G P600 Rs.7000
Micromax Funbook Talk P362 Rs.6800
Micromax A72 Rs.6600
Micromax Funbook Talk P360 Rs.6600
Micromax A63 Canvas Fun Rs.6200
Micromax Funbook Alpha Rs.5840
Micromax Bolt A67 Rs.5500
Micromax Bolt A40 Rs.5160
Micromax A54 Smarty Rs.4849
Micromax A52 Rs.4700
Micromax Funbook P255 Rs.4500
Micromax A34 Rs.4200
Micromax X45 Rs.4100
Micromax Smarty A30 Rs.3750
Micromax A35 Rs.3700
Micromax Q55 Rs.3500
Micromax Bolt A62 Rs.3450
Micromax Bolt A26 Rs.3280
Micromax A27 Rs.3250
Micromax GC333 Rs.2960
Micromax X456 Rs.2850
Micromax X445 Rs.2800
Micromax X455 Rs.2770
Micromax X446 Rs.2650
Micromax GC222 Rs.2340
Micromax X78 Rs.2300
Micromax X335c Rs.2240
Micromax X325 Rs.2175
Micromax X295 Rs.1920
Micromax C260 Rs.1900
Micromax X327 Rs.1790
Micromax X322 Rs.1680
Micromax X328 Rs.1670
Micromax X279i Rs.1620
Micromax X321 Rs.1610
Micromax X351 Rs.1600
Micromax X282 Rs.1590
Micromax X279 Rs.1580
Micromax X324i Rs.1550
Micromax X1i Ultra Rs.1525
Micromax X268 Rs.1500
Micromax X286 Rs.1500
Micromax X11i+ Rs.1500
Micromax X1I Xtra Rs.1470
Micromax x272 Rs.1420
Micromax X287 Rs.1390
Micromax X264 Rs.1333
Micromax X103 Rs.1145
Micromax X099i Rs.1086
Micromax X084 Rs.1079
Micromax X101 Rs.1050
Micromax X085 Rs.1050
Micromax X088 Rs.990
Micromax X104C Rs.960




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