Apple iPhone 5c Blue Unboxing


The Apple iPhone 5c has finally landed at the Fonearena HQ and we have it in our favourite colour – Blue! The new iPhone 5c is “unapologetically plastic” according to Jony Ive, the man responsible for Apple’s well known industrial design, and we have to say we agree, a lot. The iPhone 5c beautiful to look at and beautiful to hold, no doubt about that, but there are not many changes under the hood. The iPhone 5c is just the iPhone 5 with a new body, but the plastic? The colourful polycarbonate unapologetic plastic? Well, we have shot an unboxing video for you to show just that, and more –

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Apple iPhone 5S Unboxing

Apple iPhone 5S-10

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S earlier this month. While the iPhone 5S is still not officially launched in India, Varun managed to get one over from Hong Kong, which is one of the initial launch countries. Apple has already sold over 9 million iPhone 5S and 5C devices. It also said that the demand for the iPhone 5S has exceeded the initial supply, and many online orders are pushed to next month. We already brough you the hands-on and Touch ID fingerprint sensor demo of the iPhone 5S. Here we finally bring you the unboxing of the device.

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Google Nexus 7 2013 LTE Version Unboxing


I was in Berlin, Germany for IFA 2013 last week and managed to pick an LTE version of the Nexus 7 2013 which is currently on sale only in a few countries including Germany and UK. We had already unboxed the WiFi only version previous on FoneArena and like always we are always excited about any device with a SIM card slot and here we have the unboxing of the Nexus 7 2013 LTE version.

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LG G2 Unboxing


We covered the launch of the LG G2 in New York just a few weeks back and and this fully loaded smartphone is about to go on sale in the US and several other markets soon. We managed to grab one just in time for  a quick unboxing.  The G2 is one of the first phones to be powered by the blazing fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor like the Sony XPERIA Z Ultra. LG has done away with all buttons on the front and the sides of the phone and decided to put them on the back for easy access.How do the volume keys and power button look on the back of a phone ? Find out in our unboxing video below.

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Motorola Moto X Unboxing


The Moto X is the all new Motorola phone designed and manufactured in the US and it is one first few phones to come out of a Motorola owned by Google. The Moto X was announced on Aug 1st after numerous leaks. The Moto X is currently on sale only in the US on AT&T and through Motorola’s MotoMaker website. It is not going to be available in India or any other market anytime soon, so we managed to get one from the US just for you guys because at the end of the day we love technology and think that great products should be available globally to anyone interested. So presenting the Motorola Moto X Unboxing , probably one of the first unboxings of this device from outside the US and pretty much the first in India !

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Asus Padfone Infinity Unboxing


Asus announced the PadFone infinity which is the 3rd generation PadFone at MWC 2013 earlier this year in Barcelona. Now the handset has gone on sale in some markets such as Asus’s home market Taiwan. As you might be aware I am right now in Taipei for Computex 2013 and managed to get my hands on the Padfone Infinity which is currently on sale here for around 20990 Taiwanese dollars or Rs.40000 approx. Check out the unboxing video below featuring the HTC One and PadFone 2 as well. We managed to only get the phone part of the Padfone , the tablet part or the Padfone Station was not available.

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