HTC Hero Android Phone

Here is another phone by HTC called the Hero which runs on the Google Android platform. HTC Hero is the first phone to embody HTC Sense™ – an intuitive, seamless experience built upon three fundamental principles – make it mine, stay close, and discover the unexpected.  The Hero was part of 2009 HTC Handset lineup Continue reading “HTC Hero Android Phone”

Orkut gets a Mobile App Finally , Start Writing Scraps on your phone

Orkut has been the most popular social networking website amongst India’s youth.But Facebook has been dominating the mobile social networking space . The Facebook iPhone App is a big hit. They launched a version of S60 phones recently and also mobile web version is usable. Google which released a mobile friendly version of orkut sometime back seems to have understood the need to roll out a dedicated Mobile App for Orkut. Continue reading “Orkut gets a Mobile App Finally , Start Writing Scraps on your phone”

Google Launches Mobile App for Nokia S60 smartphones

Today Google announced the availability of its Mobile App for S60 Smartphones.

This app lets you access Search, Google Maps, Gmail, and other Google mobile services right from your phone’s home screen with the click of a button.

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Google ION Unboxing Pictures and Observations

You just read about Google giving away free android phones to developers.

We thought it was the HTC Magic but then looks like Google has branded the handset as ION to mark the occasion – Google I/O

Folks from AndroidandMe have posted some great unboxing pictures of the phone.

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Google gives away Free HTC Magic Android Phones to Developers at I/O Event

If you are a Android Developer , you should have made it to Google’s Annual I/O Cconference at San Francisco.

Google is reportedly giving away free android phones to the developers attending the event .

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AT&T Getting Its First Android Phone

Engadget is breaking all sorts of since yesterday.This one is pertaining to AT&T finally getting an Android based device.

Based on the slide we’re looking at here, features include your basic set of smartphone abilities including an MP3 player, fixed focus 3 mega-pixel camera, bluetooth, video playback, and GPS. Continue reading “AT&T Getting Its First Android Phone”

Download Google Android OS 1.5 Cupcake Now ! Tested and Working !

Some great news from Android users and especially G1 users .. You can now manually update your G1 with the latest firmware update and get a whole bunch of new features on your existing google phone

See the wonderful onscreen keyboard inside the browser .. love to use the phone without opening the slide-out keypad

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Gmail for Mobile Gets Labels


Labels – Its one of the most loved and used functionality in Google’s mail services – Gmail. Using Labels, an user can manage his/her mail in a very efficient and lucrative manner. Folders were the old way of organizing mails. Till now one could not label the emails on iPhone / Android based phone ,but good news for gmail mobile users. This feature has been added to the mobile version. Continue reading “Gmail for Mobile Gets Labels”

HTC Magic G2 Google Android phone unveiled

HTC Magic is the successor the first Google Phone. Its a sleeker version of the G1 sans keyboard.

The second Google Android smart phone was unveiled at Barcelona this week jointly by HTC and Vodafone

Its the first touchscreen only android phone . yes its getting closer to the apple iphone .

Its got a great 3.2 inch 320×480 pixel touchscreen display .

It will feature the cupcake version of the android software and will have an onscreen keybord

Well all of you are curious when will the Google Phone a.k.a HTC G1 [specs] would arrive in India.

But the 2nd version of the G1 might come soon to India as the Magic is exclusive to Vodafone for now. Continue reading “HTC Magic G2 Google Android phone unveiled”

Google Phone vs Apple iPhone and Nokia E71 – Photo Gallery

Well We all know .. that the Google phone is not as sexy as the iPhone .. But since some of you like pictures .. We bring to you an Exclusive Photo Gallery featuring the Google Phone a.ka. HTC G1 , Apple iPhone and the mighty Nokia E71

Even Nokia N82 makes a guest appearance ..

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Google Maps Mobile 2.3 brings Street View to Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile

The Google Phone HTC G1 was the first to have street view in Google Maps..

Apple iPhone was soon to follow with the 2.2 firmware bringing StreetView

Finally its available for Nokia S60 phones and Windows Mobile Phones

This update brings a total revamp of the User interface .. I tested it on E71 and loved it ..

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Google G1 now available to Android developers in India

The T-Mobile G1 would be available for purchase to Android Developers in India but branded as the Android Dev Phone 1but carries the same specs as the G1

Android Developers in 18 countries including India can now purchase the Google Android Phone

Its both Network and Hardware unlocked and is mainly made available to android developers world over.

You don’t have to be on T-Mobile or inside USA to get this phone ..

Anyhow we managed to get the unlocked G1 to work on Airtel earlier Continue reading “Google G1 now available to Android developers in India”

Open Handset Alliance adds 14 members including Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, and Vodafone

We are going to see a lot more Android based phones in the coming days as more and more Companies are joining the OHA or the Open Handset Alliance

The latest news its that 14 members have joined including Sony Ericsson , Vodafone and Toshibha

The statement says “New members will either deploy compatible Android devices, contribute significant code to the Android Open Source Project, or support the ecosystem through products and services that will accelerate the availability of Android-based devices.”

For instance it does not necessarilly mean SE will work on a Android device but their options are open

Palm and Motorola are doing really bad with handset sales .. should they just adopt Android and cut costs ?


T-Mobile G1 Unlocked works in India on Airtel

I recently got my hands on a T-Mobile G1 the first Google Android powered phone.

I brought it to India from USA. I unlocked the handset through T-Mobile and the phone now works perfectly fine on Airtel .

We are working on a in depth review of the phone which is the first phone based on the Google Android Operating System.

We have been telling you about gPhone since August 2007 Continue reading “T-Mobile G1 Unlocked works in India on Airtel”