Sony Ericsson Satio VS Nokia N97, 5800 XpressMusic And X6

Yes, you read that post title right. We outdid ourselves, by a long shot on this article. Not only did we land a prototype of the Sony Ericsson Satio and show it to you in intricate details, but we were also able to pit it head to head against its concurrence, with Nokia’s current lineup of similar S60 5th Edition devices: the Nokia N97, 5800 XpressMusic and the most recent X6.

The comparison will look shortly at the software differences between the Satio and the current S60 5th Edition UI from Nokia (which we will develop in another post with some very long video reviews), then it will focus at the hardware side-by-side comparison with the 3 devices.

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Nokia XSeries in Pictures

nokia x6 and x3 front

The Nokia XSeries is the latest range of music and entertainment devices from Nokia and was initially leaked in a trademark filing and was officially announced at NokiaWorld. Two phones the X6 and the X3 were announced . The former being a high-end offering and the latter being a low-end offering.  But both  the phones carry the same design story of the X-Series as you can see in the pictures. Continue reading “Nokia XSeries in Pictures”

Nokia X6 Hands On Video


Here is a short hands on video of the Nokia X6 which has a capacitive touchscreen. Watch the video after the jump for the proof that Capacitive displays are so much finger friendly and also Nokia is inching closer to the iPhone’s screen in terms of responsiveness. Even Apple fanboys would appreciate the screen on the X6.

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Interview with Henri Moissinac about Facebook Mobile and India

I recently had an interesting discussion with Henri Moissinac of Facebook Mobile about their Mobile Strategy , their growth in the mobile space and their plans for one of the largest markets in the World – India.


Nokia is the largest handset manufacturer in the world and Facebook is currently the largest social networking site. The partnership between Facebook and Nokia started with Nokia’s popular devices Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 and the partnership has been quite fruitful till now, with applications and home screen widgets released for Nokia 5800 and N97. That being said, the future possibilities seem endless and quite promising with the recent announcement of the Lifecasting application at Nokia World which ushers in a lot of excitement for the users.

The Facebook app on the iPhone platform is by far one of the most downloaded applications on the Apple App Store and the recent 3.0 version of the app is quite simply one of the best applications developed ever on the iPhone platform. Continue reading “Interview with Henri Moissinac about Facebook Mobile and India”

Video : Playlist DJ Demo on Nokia X6


I had a chance to meet up with Jo Harlow and couple of folks behind the Music centric devices including the X6 [specs] . The video shows you a quick demo of the Playlist DJ software which comes preloaded in the X6 phone. It’s a pretty cool software that analyzes all your music on the phone and picks the numbers based on your mood. Want a Romantic Number for your Date or some rock music to dance . Let the Playlist DJ make life easier for you. Continue reading “Video : Playlist DJ Demo on Nokia X6”

Nokia X6 Camera Samples

The X6 [specs] is an awesome looking music phone with a capacitive screen. While the phone got announced at Nokia World last week we have some camera samples from the 5 Mega Pixel Camera of this Music Phone. Interestingly the Camera packs Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash. Continue reading “Nokia X6 Camera Samples”

Video: Nokia X6 Walk-Through at the Concept Store @ Nokia World

The Nokia X6 [pics] is one of the coolest looking nokia music phones so far. The XpressMusic phones looked monotonous in terms of design but the X6 marks the launch of X series of phones which looks really impressive.  Watch the video below in which a Nokia rep from Spain gives us a Walk-through of the X6 music phone.

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