HP releases Android code for Touchpad

Just when the fire sale of the HP Touchpad was taking place, some customers had reported that they received Touchpads with Android running out of the box, and now HP has released the kernel source of Android for the Touchpad to the CyanogenMod team.

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webOS 3.0.5 now rolling out on HP Touchpad

I am sure many people have bought the HP Touchpad during the fire sale, some people to use Android on it and some people just because it was cheap and needed a tablet, whatever reason maybe HP is rolling out the webOS 3.0.5 update for their Tochpad which is a clear sign that webOS is still not dead.

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HP TouchPad will touchdown in USA on July 1 for $499

hp touchpad launch usa

The HP TouchPad webOS tablet which was rumored to hit USA in June has got an official launch date of July 1. The 16GB WiFi version will be available for $499.99 and the 32GB version will sell of $599.99. Pre-orders will start from June 19 in both USA and Europe. United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany will get the tablet few days after USA and Canada gets it in mid-July. Italy,Spain, Australia , Hong Kong , New Zealand and Singapore will get it later this year. No mention of India in that list. Continue reading “HP TouchPad will touchdown in USA on July 1 for $499”

HP TouchPad Live Pics and Hands On Video

hp touchpad

We had the chance to get close to the HP TouchPad Tablet running on webOS during MWC and although the device was a prototype , it was super impressive. It was really interesting to see webOS on a large screen and multitasking rocked on the TouchPad ( watch video below). the 9.7 inch display was utilized pretty well by the card interface of webOS

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HP Pre 3 Live Pics

hp pre3 pics photos

The HP Pre 3 looks pretty similar to the earlier version of the Pre clan but it packs a lot of power this time. The Pre 3 is powered by a 1.4 GHz CPU and has a 3.58 inch display. We had a chance to get our hands on the Pre3 along with the Veer and Touchpad last week at MWC in Barcelona Continue reading “HP Pre 3 Live Pics”