HP Veer 4G leaked for AT&T, hitting next month?

HP officially announced the HP Veer at Mobile World Congress which is the smallest WebOS phone and the size of the phone is almost equal to a size of credit card. The phone is small but it comes with a power of smartphones. A few days ago, we told you that AT&T will be launching the HP Veer in USA soon and it looks like the rumor was legit because our friends over at PocketNow got their hands on a press image of HP Veer running on AT&T network. Continue reading “HP Veer 4G leaked for AT&T, hitting next month?”

HP Veer Live Pics

hp veer pics photos

The HP Veer is the most tiny smartphone we are seen in recent times and it runs webOS and almost identical specs wise to the Pre 3 apart from the smaller display and  keyboard. We loved the Sony X10 Mini and Pro and we are surely loving the form factor of the Veer. The Veer was announced on Feb 9th in USA and we got a chance to play with this handset during MWC in Barcelona

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