Huawei NXT-AL10 shows up on benchmarks – Should be the Mate 8


A new Huawei handset has popped up on GFXBench under the alias NXT-AL10. The specifications do reveal a handset that is very similar to the rumoured specifications for the upcoming Mate 8 smartphone from Huawei.

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Xolo Play Tab 7.0 Unboxing


Today we unbox the Xolo Play Tab 7.0, the Tegra 3 based gaming-focused tablet that launched a while back. Xolo Play was the first phone from the Indian manufacturer to sport a decent build quality and the Tegra 3 processor. It was clearly focused at gaming and Xolo wants to take it further into the hands of tablet seekers, with the 7 inch Xolo Play Tab. This is pretty much a Nexus 7 2012 repackaged with better materials and a different display. So, how does it look and perform in real? We give you a preliminary look into it in our unboxing video, with a quick overview of the hardware and software, watch –


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Lenovo K900 Gaming Performance Overview

While we are busy writing our complete review of the Lenovo K900, we thought it would be right to show you the gaming performance overview, as a glimpse into the performance aspect of the Intel Z2580 system on a chip residing inside this flagship device. The 2 GHz dual core processor has a total of 4 threads thanks to Intel’s own Hyper Threading technology and giving company is the PowerVR SGX 544 MP2 for graphics. Impressively enough, the GPU is clocked at a high 533 MHz frequency, making it one of the fastest clock rates for the specific model. All said, lets move on to the gaming part of the device then!

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