Ovi Store Clocks 1m downloads a day, v2.0 coming very soon


George Linardos, Nokia’s VP of Product, Media today told that Nokia’s Ovi Store is currently generating nearly one million downloads a day and the company is now working on a completely revamping the Ovi store, which will be launched in 2010. Continue reading “Ovi Store Clocks 1m downloads a day, v2.0 coming very soon”

Nokia Widsets is now part of OVI Store

Nokia started work on WidSets which would offer the very latest and wide variety of applications, games, feeds etc. They would be compatible with various pones from various manufacturers.

Now there’s news that the WidSets site by Nokia would be changed into the OVI Store which Nokia describes as the one-stop global store for mobile games, apps, videos, social content etc. Nokia announced that from the 1st of June 2009, the WidSets account will no longer be available. Continue reading “Nokia Widsets is now part of OVI Store”

Nokia launches WidSets – Mobile Widgets

WidSets is a mobile widget platform available for Java MIDP 2.0 phones and is completely manufacturer and browser independent. Like widgets on a computer, WidSets provide immediate access to information for everything from RSS feeds to blog posts to photo-uploading sites. Nokia has filled the library with a rather large variety of options to add to your phone. Templates are available for creating your own, too. Just head over to the site, register, download the install client, and load uptheyre free.

widsets.jpg Continue reading “Nokia launches WidSets – Mobile Widgets”