Green Explorer Initiative Kicked off by Nokia!


Apart from just being pioneer in manufacturing and marking mobiles, Nokia is experimenting on some other ways to attract people towards its brand that would in turn benefit the company in long term basis.

For instance, I came across a “Nokia Green Explorer” initiative initiated by Nokia, that would help people share and gain knowledge about places they are visiting. One can get to know about all the reviews people have shared about various places across the globe and the information on their website are contributed by any one who visits the site and it works similar to the Wikipedia system.

As per the homepage of Nokia Green Explorer

Green Explorer provides tips and advice on making your travel more eco friendly. Share your experiences with Green Explorer and help make a world of difference.

So, if you are planning a trip/outing or have just come back from a journey, then do not forget to share experiences of that place at Nokia Green Explorer

Link: Nokia Green Explorer

Author: Deepak

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