Motorola Moto G Shell: Lime Yellow, in pictures and video


Having just unboxed the Motorola Moto G, the Indian retail version that supports two SIMs, we also got to try the new Moto G shells. We had ordered them separately from Flipkart, the normal coloured replacement shell for the back and the Flip shell that protects the back AND the front. But first, lets talk about the normal shell. We have got a bright lime yellow shell that looks dashing on the otherwise boring black Moto G we bought. Check how it looks, on video, skip past it for pictures and thoughts –


Our Moto G Review

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Green Explorer Initiative Kicked off by Nokia!


Apart from just being pioneer in manufacturing and marking mobiles, Nokia is experimenting on some other ways to attract people towards its brand that would in turn benefit the company in long term basis.

For instance, I came across a “Nokia Green Explorer” initiative initiated by Nokia, that would help people share and gain knowledge about places they are visiting. Continue reading “Green Explorer Initiative Kicked off by Nokia!”