Mugen Batteries announces more juice for Galaxy S III and One X

In the endless search for battery life on our beloved smartphones, our friends from Mugen Batteries once again come to the rescue! This time, two of the most popular smartphones these days receive solutions for more juice throughout the day: HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III. As usual, every device will have two offerings, a regular sized model which will fit with the original back cover and a bigger, more powerful version with a bigger back cover. Let’s have a look:

First up, the 2.300mAh slim battery, which fits into the SGS III’s original case. A small jump from the standard 2.100mAh, but it may just be enough for those extra few hours! More Details here!

Yes, that is 4.600mAh of battery for your Galaxy S III. It comes with Mugen’s bigger back cover, which also includes a nice little kickstand. More details on the bigger battery can be found on the product page! Mugen Batteries also announced a pair of batteries for HTC’s flagship device, the One X. Since the One X comes in a sealed unibody design, the only solution was to develope battery cases, which will carry the One X. This gave Mugen Batteries the option of packing even more power:

This is the SMALL solution, and even that is sporting 3.200mAh already. This should give the One X’s battery life quite a boost, compared to the built-in 1.800mAh, which performs rather mediocre in day-to-day usage. Product page can be found here. But, that’s not all:

The large battery case for the HTC One X comes with a whopping 6.000mAh battery built in – remember, the One X comes equipped with just 1.800!! Simply spectacular, although at a rather hefty price, which can be found at the product page. This option will presumably turn the One X into a brick of a phone, but  judging from our past experiences with Mugen Batteries, the resulting battery life should be phenomenal!

Which one would be your choice?

Author: Michael Hell

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