Nokia N900 gets a 2400mAh Battery , available for pre-order

MugenPowerBatteries  have been in the business of making hi-capacity batteries for quite some time and they have been working on a battery for the Nokia N900 which ships only with a standard 1320 mAh battery. The stock battery lasts a day for average use but who does not love using a gadget for ever without charging ?

Mugen informed us that they are shipping a 2400mAh battery for the N900 starting this march and they are starting to take pre-orders for the same now.

Although this battery is bound to give close to double the normal battery life,  the powerpack increases the thickness of the already chubby N900. A replacement battery cover ships along with the battery.

This battery can be yours for 87.95 USD  and this is a discount pre-order price . Normal pricing is 96.95 USD

They are offering free worldwide shipping !

Product Page

Author: Varun Krish

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