Xiaomi Mi3 sales temporarily discontinued in India

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Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, took the Indian market by storm when it introduced the Mi3 here at an astonishingly low price point. The highly specced handset has become a much sought after device and was being sold exclusively through Flipkart via a unique flash sale model. However, it looks like the run might be over and Xiaomi might have discontinued the Mi3 for the Indian market.  Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi3 sales temporarily discontinued in India”

Xiaomi Mi3 Review: Game Changer

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Xiaomi made its name in the global scene from its home market, China. The company, initially making its own custom ROMs (MIUI) for Android devices, entered the highly competitive world of hardware with its Mi range of smartphones. After a few iterations, the company unveiled Mi3, Xiaomi’s latest flagship device, packing top end specifications, but at a very low price unmatched by the competition. This is all thanks to Xiaomi’s business model where it sells to its consumers directly, without the overhead of a distribution channel on the price. After hiring Android VP Hugo Barra, the company recently took its operations to other countries like Singapore and Malaysia, where it saw success, and is finally here in India, where its flagship Mi3 will go on sale the 15th of July, at a shockingly low price of Rs. 14,999 (Update: Now Rs. 13,999) Even just by looking at the on-paper specifications, one can say it is already worth it. In fact, it could even be perceived as undervalued, but what about the details, you ask? That’s where our in-depth review can help, read on.

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Xiaomi Mi3 to launch at just Rs. 14,999 in India, goes on sale July 15th

Xiaomi Mi3 India Launch

Xiaomi is known to be a success story in its native country ie China and we expected to see competitive pricing for its products here in India too. Color us surprised to see how low a price point Xiaomi has been able to hit with its Mi3. To launch at Rs. 14,999 the phone brings top of the line specifications.

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