Now search Getit Yellow Pages on your iPhone

Getit, local searching platform in India that is popular for Yellow Pages and Getit site has launched its app for iPhone. This app lets you search for places based on your location using GPS. You can search for places in your locality like Restaurants, Hotels, Hotels, Real Estate, Auto, Electronics, Travel and much more using this app. They launched java based SMS app recently. Continue reading “Now search Getit Yellow Pages on your iPhone”

Watch TV shows on your iPhone with the OrbLive app

OrbLive app for the iPhone has been updated to v3.6.0 that supports live streaming of TV shows. This lets you watch TV shows from Hulu, ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN and more. There are also TV show search feature, TV out capability and more. The TV show streaming is available in U.S only. Continue reading “Watch TV shows on your iPhone with the OrbLive app”

Liveshare – Group photo sharing app for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7

Liveshare app by Cooliris lets you share pictures with others directly from your phone by capturing an image immediately or adding it from the image gallery. You can also like or comment on the images and also create different streams to share a folder with different group of people. Continue reading “Liveshare – Group photo sharing app for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7”

Epson iPrint app for iPhone and iPad updated to v2.0

Epson iPrint app has been updated to version 2.0 for the iPhone and iPad. This update includes major update that brings support to print documents and web pages rather than photos. This also allows the users to print via the cloud or e-mail. The previous version of the app was 1.3.1. Continue reading “Epson iPrint app for iPhone and iPad updated to v2.0”

Qik update brings live video chat between Android and iOS devices

Qik Video Connect app that lets users to stream live videos, now offers live video chat between Android and iOS devices over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi and adds video mail feature if you can’t chat live. Skype acquired Qik this January and this is the first major update for Android Qik app since then. Continue reading “Qik update brings live video chat between Android and iOS devices”

remotePC brings RemoteDesktop to your iPhone

Want to access & share files from remote PC, you have an Web App for that. Yes, now you can use almighty godly iPhone to access & share contents from and on your PC. You must have earlier heard about many Apps which can be used to control your PC/Mac via iPhone remotely like RemotePad, Air Mouse Pro etc..

Now you can also use your iPhone to do more than just remote controlling your system, now you can access & share files, here where RemotePC Lite comes on. RemotePC Lite is a secure and simple way to view and share files, folders and photos via any browser or using a hand held device like iPhone. You can also upload files to the remote computer and download any file enabled for remote access.

ip Continue reading “remotePC brings RemoteDesktop to your iPhone”

iPhone Homescreens of Tech Geeks

So, you have got yourself a new iPod Touch/iPhone and you are now in dilemma to keep which iPhone Apps in the home screen. Ya, this happened to me also, when my iPhone was full of Apps & I had to make a decision which are the most useful. But, have you ever wondered to know what are the iPhone home screen’s of the very famous talented designers, developers & tech writers ?


Continue reading “iPhone Homescreens of Tech Geeks”

The AppStore is finally out on the iPhone 2.0

The best thing which is part of the new iphone is the new software and the App store

This means that even existing iPhone owners who have upgrade to the new version of the software can now install both free and paid apps on the phone .. facebook , google , myspace , ebay  all have native iphone apps out there Continue reading “The AppStore is finally out on the iPhone 2.0”

Google making native iPhone Apps

iPhone is a big success wave and every company that is somehow related to the world of mobile handsets is making sure that they don’t miss the wave. Google, which competes with Apple iPhone OS X with its Android, is making sure that they also don’t miss the iPhone success wave. Continue reading “Google making native iPhone Apps”

Natuba – Share pics from your iPhone

There are many photo sharing sites out there but this one is different. Natuba is a photo sharing site, which is meant exclusively for the iPhone users. Users can click photos from there iPhone and share it with like minded iPhone photographers. Continue reading “Natuba – Share pics from your iPhone”