Google introduces Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android

Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

Ever wanted to access your computer from your phone while out and about? There have been a wide range of RDP (Remote Desktop) applications available on the Play Store but Google just made things a bit more official. With the newly introduced Chrome Remote Desktop  app for Android, Google will let you access your Mac or PC no matter where you are. Continue reading “Google introduces Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android”

Microsoft to release Remote Desktop apps for iOS and Android this month


Remote Desktop has been a popular feature for Windows PCs for a long time, mainly used to remotely help your friends or family, usually for troubleshooting. The Server-Client methodology has enabled the clients to exist on many platforms. In fact, the Remote Desktop Protocol is widely known to be used in third party apps, but as always, nothing comes close to the apps done by the people who created it. Microsoft are doing just that, by releasing Remote Desktop apps for iOS and Android later this month, according to the company’s own press release.

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HTC partners with LogMeIn to fix your Android phone remotely

HTC has partnered with LogMeIn to offer a remote rescue software on all its future Android devices including the newly announced One series. As part of the agreement LogMeIn will provide HTC call centers worldwide with software which can connect to a remote Android phone allowing customer care representatives to diagnose the problem. A constant data connection will enable a remote HTC phone to diagnosed and fixed from anywhere in the world.

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remotePC brings RemoteDesktop to your iPhone

Want to access & share files from remote PC, you have an Web App for that. Yes, now you can use almighty godly iPhone to access & share contents from and on your PC. You must have earlier heard about many Apps which can be used to control your PC/Mac via iPhone remotely like RemotePad, Air Mouse Pro etc..

Now you can also use your iPhone to do more than just remote controlling your system, now you can access & share files, here where RemotePC Lite comes on. RemotePC Lite is a secure and simple way to view and share files, folders and photos via any browser or using a hand held device like iPhone. You can also upload files to the remote computer and download any file enabled for remote access.

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