iPhone Homescreens of Tech Geeks

So, you have got yourself a new iPod Touch/iPhone and you are now in dilemma to keep which iPhone Apps in the home screen. Ya, this happened to me also, when my iPhone was full of Apps & I had to make a decision which are the most useful. But, have you ever wondered to know what are the iPhone home screen’s of the very famous talented designers, developers & tech writers ?


Yes, I know you are excited and here First & 20 comes to rescue. First & 20 is a collection of Home screens of some of the best and brightest developers, designers and tech writers. Here you can see the Home Screen of Loren Brichter (founder of atebits, makers of the popular Twitter client Tweetie), Jason Snell (editorial director of Macworld), Tim Van Damme (belgian webdesigner running Made by Elephant) & many more.


It’s sometimes difficult to filter the good and bad Apps on Apple’s App Store, so this site really helps you to get to know what your favorite developer uses the most and you get to have a pretty good idea which Apps to purchase & use. According to First & 20 Tweetie is the most used App followed by Birdfeed.


I have included my iPhone home screen above, I hope it will help others to filter some quality Apps and make your buying decision more smart & useful.