remotePC brings RemoteDesktop to your iPhone

Want to access & share files from remote PC, you have an Web App for that. Yes, now you can use almighty godly iPhone to access & share contents from and on your PC. You must have earlier heard about many Apps which can be used to control your PC/Mac via iPhone remotely like RemotePad, Air Mouse Pro etc..

Now you can also use your iPhone to do more than just remote controlling your system, now you can access & share files, here where RemotePC Lite comes on. RemotePC Lite is a secure and simple way to view and share files, folders and photos via any browser or using a hand held device like iPhone. You can also upload files to the remote computer and download any file enabled for remote access.


To access and share remote PC files, here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Download the RemotePC Lite software from their website(only PC supported).
  2. Install the software, do the registration & click on the Files/Folders/Drives you want to share.
  3. Next point out your iPhone/iPod Touch browser to
  4. You need to Log in and it’s done.


You can even use the same method and can access your PC from any browser also. For a demo, visit out their website and you can know the details. The best part is that, it is free. A very useful application and you must surely give it a try.