Google making native iPhone Apps

iPhone is a big success wave and every company that is somehow related to the world of mobile handsets is making sure that they don’t miss the wave. Google, which competes with Apple iPhone OS X with its Android, is making sure that they also don’t miss the iPhone success wave. The market is flooded with iPhone optimized web application and Google has also announced that they will be launching native application for the Apple’s iPhone. Google has made this announcement especially after Apple announcing its iPhone 2.0 update. Google will make sure that they will have the native applications ready from the day one; I think they don’t want to do another Android here, people just talk about Android but there are no commercially available handsets that run Android. Anyways, leaving that behind, iPhone users are already well-acquainted with the Google Maps application that runs on the iPhone. Google is also making efforts to promote and develop their Android platform, which I think is finding it difficult to take off. Google also is making sure that they are investing in competing platforms or planning some application for platforms that compete with Android, don’t be surprised if tomorrow Google says they have joined the LiMo Foundation, for those who don’t know LiMo makes the Linux Mobile Platform, they already have launched 18 handsets and the Foundation is backed by some big shots in the mobile handsets and the mobile applications industry.

Author: Team FoneArena

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