Why the Micromax Canvas Lapbook L1160 is one of the ideal budget laptops


The term “budget” is most often related to the cutting down of features,using inferior quality parts or inferior specifications. This is why many users refrain from getting budget devices especially budget laptops that don’t really live up to expectations when it comes to real world performance.

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Why is Intel Compute Stick the ultimate portable PC

intel_compute_stick_portable_pc (5)

We live in an era where it is almost impossible to live without computers. While many are satisfied using just their smartphones, the majority still depend on a desktop computer or laptop to get their work done. A smartphone simply does not have the required productivity levels or processing power of a full-fledged PC. However, people are often forced to use their smartphones or tablets just because they do not wish to lug around a desktop rig or a laptop. What if you were able to have a PC that fits right into your pocket? What if you could have all your files and settings just the way you like? The Intel® compute stick does just that.

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Asus FonePad Unboxing

Asus fonepad unboxing-0
The FonePad is one of the first Intel Atom Z2420  powered Android tablets to hit the market. Asus announced the FonePad at MWC 2013 this year along with the Padfone Infinity. The “FonePad” as the name suggests is a 3G tablet and phone packed into a 7 inch tablet form factor at an affordable price point. Yes there are a couple of microphones and an earpiece on the device and you can actually put the FonePad to the ear and make a phone call although we don’t know if it will look cool. The tablet comes in 2 colours – Champagne Gold and Titanium Gray. Here is a video where we unbox the Champagne Gold version of the Asus FonePad.


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DigiTimes: ASUS working on Tegra 3 and Intel Atom powered tablets

We just entered the dual-core era of mobile phone with LG Optimus 2x, which is an amazing device and first one to feature Tegra 2 dual-core processor and not to forget Motorola XOOM which is first ever dual-core Android powered tablet. There was a time when a single-core 1 GHz processor feels like a bullet, but now it’s all about dual-core. Continue reading “DigiTimes: ASUS working on Tegra 3 and Intel Atom powered tablets”