Intel Compute Stick for Business Travelers

intel_compute_stick_portable_pc (1)

As computers become a commodity, there’s a full range of fresh use cases that have started emerging. One of the most interesting devices to have emerged lately is the Intel® compute stick. Clarke’s law*** suggests that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Just like the original flash drives or pen drives appeared to be a miraculous alternative to CDs, the compute stick too appears to be the harbinger of a computing revolution.

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Why is Intel Compute Stick the ultimate portable PC

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We live in an era where it is almost impossible to live without computers. While many are satisfied using just their smartphones, the majority still depend on a desktop computer or laptop to get their work done. A smartphone simply does not have the required productivity levels or processing power of a full-fledged PC. However, people are often forced to use their smartphones or tablets just because they do not wish to lug around a desktop rig or a laptop. What if you were able to have a PC that fits right into your pocket? What if you could have all your files and settings just the way you like? The Intel® compute stick does just that.

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Intel Remote Keyboard announced, Lets you control your NUC from your Android device

Intel Remote Keyboard

With the release of Intel’s latest Baytrail platform, the company has been making a push for small form factor computing devices. This includes devices like the NUC (Next Unit of Computing) as well as the Compute Stick. These computing systems aren’t specifically meant for standard desktop computing scenarios and are typically used without a permanently attached keyboard or mouse in an HTPC or digital signage setting. To assist in this use case, Intel has announced a brand new Android application that will let you control the Windows running machines from your phone or tablet. Continue reading “Intel Remote Keyboard announced, Lets you control your NUC from your Android device”