Micromax Funbook Pro Review

After finding success with their 7 inch tablet offering, Micromax has decided to out a tablet more suitable for multimedia consumption. The 10inch Micromax Funbook Pro is aimed at those who require something larger but are still constrained by a budget.

The ridiculously low price point of Rs. 9,999 might throw you off balance and make you think that this is a low cost unbranded tablet but by making some smart choices, the company has managed to bring out something which gives you great bang for the buck. Read on to find more. Continue reading “Micromax Funbook Pro Review”

Review : Micromax Funbook

Every once in a while comes a product which shatters the barriers of price and expectations. The Micromax Funbook might not be perfect but it might be the one which helps bring tablet computing to the masses.

On the face of it , you might think that the Micromax Funbook is yet another low priced , low quality Chinese tablet owing to the ridiculously low price point. However a closer look reveals that the company has made some smart decision to create a platform which packs in a potent mix of content and hardware while offering just enough power for a good experience without going overboard and pushing up prices. Continue reading “Review : Micromax Funbook”

Hands On : Micromax Funbook Tablet

Micromax today took off the veil from its first entrant into the tablet segment with the Funbook. The diminutive 7″ tablet comes with mid range specifications for a price which makes tablets accessible to people on a budget. Before you dismiss the tablet as a low end affair for those looking for a budget offering , you will be surprised to know that Micromax has made immense efforts on content partnerships to make the tablet a worthwhile option for everyone from students to those looking for entertainment , media on the go.

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