iPhone Sales in China Finally Touches the 100,000 mark


China Unicom today announced that they have now sold more than 100,000 units of iPhone in China since it launched on October 30th 2009. After a very poor start, the iPhone sales seems to have now picked up. But considering the huge subscriber base of China Unicom (144 million subscribers), this number is still very less as compared to the other mobile manufacturers.

China Unicom sells both the Versions of iPhone i.e the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS, but without Wi-Fi in order to comply with the local regulations, which might be one of the big reasons for iPhone to flop in China.

The other reason being the huge pricing of the iPhone in China. Its costs approximately Rs 47,620 Rupees for a 32GB iPhone 3GS with no service contract whereas users can buy the same for 37,000 rupees in the nearby Hong Kong.

What do you think about this new milestone of iPhone? Why do you think iPhone flopped in China? Tell us your comments below.


Author: Vikas SN

A Complete Mobile freak. Regularly Blogs about Mobiles at Techknots.com and Tweets as @tsuvik