Vodafone could seek protection over BT’s EE buyout


Vodafone is set to ask the UK watchdog and regulators to ensure BT doesn’t discriminate against its rivals once the latter acquires UK mobile leader EE. As revealed this week, BT is in talks over a possible £12.5 billion takeover of telecoms giant EE and Vodafone, who will be its closest rival following the acquisition, will require assistance to ensure that BT continues to play fair. Continue reading “Vodafone could seek protection over BT’s EE buyout”

4 Reasons BT Chose EE over O2


Yesterday evening BT confirmed it was in exclusive talks to acquire EE thus bringing an end to the deliberation over whether the firm would make a bid for market leader EE or smaller rival O2. Now that BT has confirmed it is going after EE, the question is raised – why did the firm choose EE over O2 when the latter would have cost significantly less and presented less regulatory hurdles? Here’s 5 possible reasons they picked EE. Continue reading “4 Reasons BT Chose EE over O2”

BT buying EE – is it good for consumers?


BT has confirmed that it is in exclusive talks to acquire EE, the UK’s largest market mobile network group but is the buyout good for consumers? Will one of the UK’s largest communications groups buying the largest mobile network result in lower mobile prices in the UK? Continue reading “BT buying EE – is it good for consumers?”

BT snubs O2, in talks to buy EE for £12.5 billion


The saga is finally over (well partially at least): as expected, BT have confirmed they are in exclusive talks to buy EE – Britain’s largest mobile network – for the large sum of £12.5 billion. BT have confirmed their period of exclusivity would last for several weeks whilst negotiations took place and is likely to be a blow for O2’s Spanish owners Telefonica who have been trying to offload their UK operation. Continue reading “BT snubs O2, in talks to buy EE for £12.5 billion”

BT set to choose O2 over EE


BT looks set to push ahead with a deal to purchase O2 after opting for the network over bigger rival EE. According to a report published by This Is Money, the O2 deal will cost BT a little less than acquiring EE but despite the latter having 3 million more customers, a potential acquisition would have faced significant regulatory hurdles. Continue reading “BT set to choose O2 over EE”

BT to decide on EE and O2 bids by Christmas


BT is expected to decide whether to make a bid for mobile networks O2 or EE by Christmas according to the Chief Executive of one half of EE’s parent company. Orange SA CEO Stephane Richard said that he expected the British company to decide on which network to bid for by Christmas. Continue reading “BT to decide on EE and O2 bids by Christmas”

BT in talks with O2 and EE over own mobile network


British Telecom is allegedly already in talks with UK network operator EE following the alleged approach by Telefonica to form a “strategic partnership” that would see BT buy the company’s UK operator O2. According to sources cited by Reuters, BT is currently in “early stage” talks with EE over a major deal which may yet present a challenge to Telefonica’s master plan. Continue reading “BT in talks with O2 and EE over own mobile network”

BT to buy O2 UK from Telefonica?


UK operator BT is rumoured to be in talks to buy O2 UK with O2’s parent company Telefonica seeking a strategic partnership with BT that would see it sell its mobile network in return for a 20% stake. According to a report on El Confidencial, Telefonica’s CEO César Alierta is exploring the partnership with BT to create a European Giant and whilst talks are at an advanced stage, “there is nothing concrete yet”. Continue reading “BT to buy O2 UK from Telefonica?”