Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 Review: Convenience with a Dash of Magic

When the Plantronics Backbeat Go were announced, more than a year ago, they instantly piqued my interest. They were everything I wanted in a pair of earbuds: wireless, bluetooth-enabled, simple, and in-ear. And the idea that a pair of earphones could just be connected with one wire, no added main unit, no bulk, no connectors, nothing dangling from your head to your phone or clothes or pocket, seemed a little bit like magic. Countless times I found myself wandering off to Amazon and almost clicking that “Buy” button but I kept telling myself that I should just wait for the second generation.

So when the Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 came along, I was more than ecstatic. I had been using a Sony Ericsson MW-600 for a few months, and although it had been a great music and podcast companion, I was yearning for the convenience of the Backbeat Go 2 — and that added touch of magic! I finally received a Go 2 unit for review last week, and I have been using it ever since. Does it work as advertized? How does it compare to other bluetooth units? And what are its strengths and weaknesses? I’ll explain it all in my review below.


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Sony SmartWatch and Smart Wireless Headset pro announced

Sony has announced SmartWatch and the Smart Wireless Headset pro. The SmartWatch is a micro display for Android smartphones, to wirelessly and discreetly access calls, messages and applications. The Smart Wireless Headset pro is a Bluetooth stereo headset that also works as a standalone MP3 player and FM radio. Continue reading “Sony SmartWatch and Smart Wireless Headset pro announced”

Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth mono headset launched in India

Jabra has launched Jabra SUPREME, their new Bluetooth headset in India. This is their first Bluetooth mono headset and it comes with Active Noise Cancellation technology that uses one dedicated microphone and an electronic chipset to generate an anti-noise sound to suppress the outside noise. This headset uses digital signal processing (DSP), proprietary Noise Blackout 3.0 and Wind-Noise Reduction technology with dual microphones in the boom arm tip that offers better audio quality irrespective of the noise environments they are in. Continue reading “Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth mono headset launched in India”

Jabra HALO2 Bluetooth Stereo headset launched in India

Jabra has launched their HALO2, a stylish Bluetooth headband that allows the users to enjoy their music on-the-go and also attend the calls. It has AM3D Virtual Surround Sound 2.0 & Power Bass and proprietary Noise Blackout technology with dual microphones for crisp and clear music and call experience. It comes with Multiuse technology, enabling connection with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and it could also be connected to non-Bluetooth music players with the bundled 3.5mm universal audio jack cable. It weighs just 79g. Continue reading “Jabra HALO2 Bluetooth Stereo headset launched in India”

Jabra STREET2 Bluetooth pendant launched in India

Jabra has launched their STREET2 Bluetooth pendant launched in India. This has urban dog-tag design that is splash proof and you could wear it with beaded chain or use the removable clip at the rear to attach it on your outfit. It also has virtual surround sound & power bass, featuring AM3D 2.0 technology. Continue reading “Jabra STREET2 Bluetooth pendant launched in India”

Nokia J Bluetooth headset launched in India for Rs. 5570

Nokia has launched their Nokia J (BH-806) Bluetooth headset in India. This is an innovative headset that is the successor of BH-804 headset, and it comes with DSP noise reduction and has ultra sleek design with multi-function key with touch sensitive area. It also has adaptive volume adjustment and automatic call handling. When in standby mode, you can just take the Nokia J from its holder to attend a call, and it automatically powers it up, switches the Bluetooth back on, connects it to your phone and answers the call. Continue reading “Nokia J Bluetooth headset launched in India for Rs. 5570”

Nokia BH-905i Review – Spoiler: It’s Phenomenal

I’m sitting now, at the Costa coffee shop, with about 30 customers around, 3 tables nearby with heated discussions going on, and I can’t hear a thing from them. It’s like watching a Charlie Chaplin movie, I swear, people move, coffee machines go on and off, lips open and close, chairs are pulled away and back, and I don’t hear any of it. I’m not deaf, I just have the Nokia BH-905i headphones on, and I’m loving every second of it. They’re a review unit and I swear, this is the first time I feel that I don’t want to send a review unit back.

The BH-905i were announced during Nokia World 2010, back in September 2010, as a follow-up to the majestic Noise Cancelling Stereo Bluetooth headset that was the Nokia BH-905, and in this review, I will try to see how they measure up in comparison to their predecessors, as well as on their own. Continue reading “Nokia BH-905i Review – Spoiler: It’s Phenomenal”

Plantronics launches Discovery 975 Bluetooth Earpiece in India

Plantronics has launched the new Discovery 375 slim and sleek bluetooth headset in India. The headset comes with improved audio experience with advanced AudioIQ2 and WindSmart technologies to eliminate noise in harsh enthronements. The AudioIQ and two microphones in discover 375  precisely capture the user’s voice and simultaneously cancel background noise. Continue reading “Plantronics launches Discovery 975 Bluetooth Earpiece in India”

Nokia X6 Photo Gallery: 5800XM Comparison & BH-505 Mixing

Nokia’s recently announced X6 music device might have failed to gain a lot of attention at Nokia World 2009, due to the spectacular success of the Nokia N900, and its limited availability with Comes With Music service, but it still is a great solution for those who want a nice capactive touchscreen, S60 5th Edition, and 32GBs of built-in memory. The X6 also has a GPS receiver, a good 5MP camera, a nice interactive homescreen with contacts, applications, email and calendar showing up, kinetic scrolling widely implemented, HSDPA internet speeds…

Here are some comparison pictures next to its oldest sibling, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, showing that the X6 is a bit longer but the same width, and much thinner. Both devices have the same connectors and keys at the same locations in all sides, except for the X6 not having an external microSDHC port due to its already integrated 32GB memory. The X6 also doesn’t come with any stylus, since its capacitive touchscreen doesn’t function with styluses, but only with finger touches.

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