Nokia 5235 Comes With Music shows up on Nokia India website

Nokia 5235 Comes With Music India

Nokia announced the 5235 Comes with Music handset last December and was expected to be available for purchase in First quarter of 2010.

The 5235 is basically a 5230 with Unlimited Music downloads from the Nokia Music Store. The handset is shown as Coming soon on the Nokia India website along with the X6 16 GB Continue reading “Nokia 5235 Comes With Music shows up on Nokia India website”

Nokia 5235 Comes With Music

Nokia unveils a new handset with Music, Nokia 5235 which seems to be an effective upgrade to the existing 5230 phone. Nokia 5235 will deliver its users with unlimited access to the Nokia Music Store catalog and will enable them to download as much music as they want during a 12 or 18 month period.  Once you’ve created your Music Store account and entered your Comes With Music subscription PIN code, all the prices will disappear, making downloading music even easier. You can also download music through a PC using Nokia Ovi Player.

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Nokia X6 Photo Gallery: 5800XM Comparison & BH-505 Mixing

Nokia’s recently announced X6 music device might have failed to gain a lot of attention at Nokia World 2009, due to the spectacular success of the Nokia N900, and its limited availability with Comes With Music service, but it still is a great solution for those who want a nice capactive touchscreen, S60 5th Edition, and 32GBs of built-in memory. The X6 also has a GPS receiver, a good 5MP camera, a nice interactive homescreen with contacts, applications, email and calendar showing up, kinetic scrolling widely implemented, HSDPA internet speeds…

Here are some comparison pictures next to its oldest sibling, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, showing that the X6 is a bit longer but the same width, and much thinner. Both devices have the same connectors and keys at the same locations in all sides, except for the X6 not having an external microSDHC port due to its already integrated 32GB memory. The X6 also doesn’t come with any stylus, since its capacitive touchscreen doesn’t function with styluses, but only with finger touches.

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Nokia Music Store – Delhi Blogger Meet

11th September saw Nokia organize a Blogger Meet for the launch of its Music Store in India. Jasmeet Gandhi, Head Devices OPM and Services, India was there to give us a brief overview of what Nokia Music Store is and how this is the next step of music delivery to millions of people.

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Nokia 5730, 5330, 5030 XpressMusic Phones for 2009 launched as leaked

Nokia 5730, 5330, 5030 XpressMusic Phones have been launched as leaked earlier

Looks like Nokia has started to unveil its 2009 lineup one by one and party did not end after MWC.

This launch marks the addition of 3 new Comes with Music Devices and also launch of the Music Store in many markets . Dunno when its coming to India .

Read on for specs and info about the phones.

Nokia is certainly capturing the iPod market in emerging markets.

 “We’ve sold more than 425 million devices with a digital music player and more than 700 million devices with an FM radio, which clearly shows that the mobile phone is the natural device for listening to the music and carrying it with you,”

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Nokia Comes with Music to feature Warner Music Group

Nokia’s application ‘Comes with Music’ is being prepared for a heavy duty launch in the second half of the year.

The application will enable consumers buy a Nokia device complete with a year of access to tracks from a range of great artists — past, present, and future. Continue reading “Nokia Comes with Music to feature Warner Music Group”

Nokia’s vision: Music, Ovi and concern for the environment

At the Annual Nokia World conference held on 4th December, 2007 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nokia outlined its vision and plans for the mobile industry.

The company claimed to be committed to Internet evolution and environmental sustainability by consistently and steadfastly innovating products towards fulfilment of its vision.
The mobile industry is witnessing a rapid change driven by the convergence of mobility and the internet, and the need for the industry to make an increasing contribution to environmental sustainability.

“Comes With Music”

Listen to world class music and keep it stored in your hard drive.


Nokia unveiled Comes With Music, a radical program that enables people to buy a Nokia handset with a year of unlimited access to millions of tracks from a range of great artists – past, present and future. Once the year is complete, customers can keep all their music without having to worry about it disappearing when their subscription is over.

As a music buff you get all you have ever wanted, and you get to keep it in the form of unlimited downloads to your mobile device and PC. The program will be launched with Universal Music Group International, and Nokia is in discussion with other major international music labels.

Ovi – Open the ‘door’ to social networking through your handset


Ovi, ‘door’ in Finnish will enable consumers to easily access their existing social network and content. The Ovi will function as common user interface between all networking websites from mobiles, PC and web environments. The Ovi environment and services will be formally rolled out in 2008. Continue reading “Nokia’s vision: Music, Ovi and concern for the environment”