Smartphone Championship: Nexus One vs Palm Pre

Okay folks, lets get back to the FoneArena Smartphone Championship. Due of some reasons, we were not able to manage the Tournament regularly, but now we are back and there will be a new match, every new day, so we apologize for the delay, and let’s get back to the tournament.

The first round of the Championship is over and now we are heading to the second round a.k.a Quarter Final, and once again Team FoneArena say thanks to all the readers for voting.

The first match of the second round is between the Nexus One and Palm Pre. Both phones are known as the one of the best smartphones available in the market. You can check out the specs of the Nexus One and Palm Pre. So folks are you ready? On your marks, get set, VOTE!

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  • Angad Singh

    nexus one the phone of the year that didnt make it coz the Americans dont but unlocked or non-subsidized phones…. oh well we got the desire and that to without the track-ball….. turn off the sense UI on the HTC Desire n u got “Nexus one”…..