World largest Android phone is the 42inch Nexus S

A few days ago, we saw the world biggest iPhone in a London railway station. Now it’s time to watch the biggest Android device on planet. This big device is actually the Nexus S, and it doesn’t consist of any tablets like the giant iPhone. Continue reading “World largest Android phone is the 42inch Nexus S”

T-Mobile G2 coming to Best Buy on October 10th?

If you got your hands on the new October Best Buy Buyer’s Guide, then you may have seen the T-Mobile G2 in coming soon mobile section, but if you don’t know what I am talking about, then have a look on the image above, which is showing that T-Mobile G2 is around the Continue reading “T-Mobile G2 coming to Best Buy on October 10th?”

Droid 2 confirmed for August 12th?

Recently, we heard a rumor from BGR that the Droid 2 is hitting Verizon shelves on August 12th, and now here is a proof (image above) which is showing that the Droid 2 is coming to your near Best Buy store on August 12th, and that’s a 100% confirmation from Best Buy. Thanks to Droid-Life for discovering this image. The image is a little blurry, so read what the image is saying after the break: Continue reading “Droid 2 confirmed for August 12th?”

Samsung Intensity II hitting Verizon

A worker over at the Best Buy sent a image to BGR, you can check out the image above in which you can see the Samsung Intensity II in blue color, which is going to hit Verizon Wireless soon. It’s a dummy of the phone above, but it’s a cute little phone and a great phone for young boys and girls, because their favorite habit is text messaging, and this phone is very good for that purpose. Continue reading “Samsung Intensity II hitting Verizon”