Samsung was interested in acquiring Cyanogen Mod OS, says Report


If a report from a Chinese media publication is to be believed, Samsung was apparently interested in acquiring the Cyanogen Mod OS. The report/interview claims that these intentions eventually led to Steve Kondik, the CyanogenMod founder, to quit his day job as a software engineer at Samsung. It’s from a popular Chinese tabloid so it’s better we take this with a pinch of salt, but the news is not surprising at all. Samsung is the biggest player in Android and if recent developments like an exclusive dev event and the seemingly parallel services layer in the latest updates of Touchwiz are to be believed, their aspirations to have a separate OS, which is something like an Android fork, is not unfathomable.

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Why the Microsoft – Nokia acquisition happened

nokia-ceo-stephen-elop-asha-501 copy

Nokia and Microsoft just ended their joint press conference, in an effort to explain the acquisition the companies announced earlier today. As with any major announcement, especially with a brand like Nokia which invokes a lot of emotion, the reactions were predictably…. emotional. Risto Siilasma probably said it best, at the joint Nokia press conference in Finland – The acquisition is “Rationally perfect, emotionally complicated.” which we wholeheartedly agree with. But what drove the companies towards this deal? Why did Microsoft buy Nokia? What’s in it for both the companies? We try to explain with two points of views, read on.

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Microsoft and Nokia, what does it mean?

Nokia acquisition


By now, you’ve likely read about Nokia’s Devices and Services division being acquired in a deal by Microsoft. You’ve also likely read about the movement of CEO Stephen Elop amongst others back to Redmond and Microsoft. What has been less clear is the fallout likely to come from this deal as well as the reasoning behind this acquisition.

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Microsoft almost bought Nokia’s phone business – WSJ


Wall Street Journal, the publication that is always bang on target with rumours and speculations reports that Microsoft recently held talks with Nokia to acquire its mobile phone business. The recently held meetings apparently broke down due to various reasons like price and market position. The most interesting thing is that these meetings were held recently and not a thing of the past. Recently there was a non-news that Huawei was planning to acquire Nokia and later completely denied it.

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Dropbox acquires the creators of the iOS email app Mailbox

Mailbox, the app obsessed with zero inbox messages just helped cloud storage provider Dropbox acquire its creators. Boasting an atrocious waiting queue for new joinees, the Mailbox app drummed up a lot of interest from consumers and the press alike with it claiming to make email much better in terms of productivity. Today, Dropbox announced in their blog that they have acquired the mailbox team, and they also mentioned that they will be making the app better, by keeping the app intact for the imminent future.

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Google to acquire face recognition company Viewdle

We all know that Google has its own face recognition technology which was unveild to us with Ice Cream sandwich and the face unlock. But looks like Google is looking for more and has decided to acquire face recognition company Viewdle for around $45 million.

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Google to operate Motorola “At arm’s length”

The search gian, implored that the other Android manufacturers had nothing to be vexed about, when Motorola was taken over by Google. Not allowing it any particular favors or privileges, they would operate Motorola as a wholly discrete unit. Ingeminating this claim, during a Wednesday evening interview at AsiaD, Google mobile chief Andy Rubin said ‘that the companydidn’t buy Motorola for its hardware, but for its patents.

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Nuance to acquire Swype

Sources with knowledge of the deal report that Nuance , the company behind technologies like the ubiquitous T9 input , has acquired Seattle based Swype. Swype is  one of the most innovative text entry solutions to have appeared in the past few years facilitating text entry speeds capable of competing with hardware keyboards on touchscreen only devices.

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