Nokia launches Fashion Phone 7900 Crystal Prism


Nokia is on a mobile phone launch spree. Sometime back the company said that they will be launching 30 new phones in 2008; it seems that they were pretty serious about that. Yesterday they launched 2 phones for the budget minded and now today Nokia launched Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism , new addition to Nokia’s prism collection. NP2.jpg

Nokia 7900 Prism is Nokia’s latest Fashion Phone. The phone has an aluminum backside with etching, which has been designed by some creative designer named Frédérique Daubal. The backside of the phone is purple in color and looks very loud. This 3G Fashion baby has OLED display, 2 Meg clicker, Music Player and 1GB user memory; kind of Beauty with Brains. Users can personalize the color of the light in the keypad and have the liberty to choose from 49 different colors.
Catch the Nokia Prism Collection here.

Author: Team FoneArena

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