Airtel 3G Plans / Tariffs

airtel 3g

Airtel launched 3G services in Bangalore today and we have some news about the plans and tariffs.

Activate 3G

First you have to send a SMS 3G to 121

You would get a reply from Airtel if your handset is compatible

We got back a message stating the tariff as Rs. 30p / 20kb and we were asked to confirm by sending 1 as a reply.

This is the pay as you go plan (3G PAYG VBC)

Any 2G pack will be de-activated once you activate 3G

We request you not to activate 3G as you might be charged heavily. Instead activate a data pack below by calling customer care !

Update tariffs chart added

Airtel 3G Data Plans

Sachet Plans

  • Rs. 9 for 10 MB, validity 1 day (will expire on sameday midnight)
  • Rs. 60 for 65 MB, validity 3 days

Sacher Plan Time Based

  • Rs. 45 for 30 minutes and then Rs.3 per minute (will expire on sameday midnight)

Standard Plans

  • Rs. 103 for 100 MB, validity 30 days
  • Rs. 200 for 250 MB, validity 30 days
  • Rs. 450 for 600 MB, validity 30 days
  • Rs. 750 for 2 GB, validity 30 days

Flexi Shield Plan

There is also another plan in which you pay Rs. 675 as a monthly rental and get 1.25 GB free usage on 3G

Post 1.25 GB you will be charged 1 paise per 100 kB or 10 paise /MB

After that you pay for extra usage and max bill is Rs.2000 after which your speeds will drop to 20 Kbps

Volume Based Charging Plans

Prepaid Rs.13 , validity 20 days , no free usage but billed at 15p / 20kb

Postpaid Rs.20, validity 30 days,no free usage but billed at 15p / 20kb

Video Calls

Video calls both on-net and off-net will be charged at 5 paise / second for both local and national roaming

We shall update this page once we have more info !

What do you think of the tariffs ? Are you happy ? disappointed ?

Thanks to Varun Roy our Bangalore Ninja !

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