Pics, Pics and more Pics: Nokia E7, C7, C6-01 and C3 Touch and Type!

To continue with my belated Nokia World Coverage, i thought i share you the pictures you aaaall want to see: Devices, Devices, Devices!!

As you read on Fonearena, Nokia launched 4 new Devices at Nokia World. 3 of them are running on Symbian^3, while one of it, the Nokia C3 Touch and Type is running on the new touch-optimized version of S40. I had my hands and camera on all of them, but while i’m preparing impressions of all those Devices, i give you Pictures i did of the brand new Goodies.

Which is your favourite one? Nokia E7, with its FANTASTIC QWERTY? or maybe the C6-01 with the stunning CBD? Or will you go for the slim one? C7? 🙂

As usual, all those Pictures can be found in full resolution over at my Flickr Sets! Feel free to add me:

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Author: Michael Hell

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  • thats a hell lotzzzzzzzz of pikcharssssssss

    • Michael Hell

      hell yeah! 😀 you like it?

  • can nokia still keep up with apple and android?

    great site btw 🙂

    • Michael Hell

      totally depends on what you’re aiming for. build quality and multimedia creation wise, Nokia is MILES ahead

  • gadgetbuster

    You said it right micheal hell. Nokia manufactures phones that scores or show their best not only in one field like others do. You bought a nokia phone and what u got, a full featured mul. device, best business class phones and satisfing all ur needs and that at a very nominal price. Isn’t it ?
    And thnx 4 d pics bro.

    • Michael Hell

      yes, correct. those latest phones do an awesome job in terms of hardware quality. plus, they bring it with the clear black display, which is absolutely amazing! check out this pic for example: – can you see where the screen ends and hardware starts? i dont. 🙂

  • prasad

    hi this is prasad i wnat know nokia c6_01 and c7 when its relised in hyderabad

    • Sravan

      C6 shud be made available sometime this week…

  • Roshan

    hi, iam Roshan, when we can buy the E7 in Indai,what will be the price.