All Moto smartphones in 2016 will feature fingerprint scanners


Hot on the heels of Lenovo’s announcement that the Motorola branding will slowly be phased out in favour of the Moto brand comes another announcement which states that all Moto smartphones released in 2016 will feature fingerprint scanners.

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Lenovo Vibe P1 Review


Competition has never been stronger in the mid-range segment and it has become very difficult for manufacturers to create devices that have a USP compared to other devices in the same category. The price range was primarily dominated by Xiaomi until 2015 where we see new entrants in the form of the Moto X Play and the OnePlus X. But most recently, Lenovo launched the Vibe P1, which at least on paper seems to overcome any of the shortcomings that the other devices have in this price range. The primary focus being on battery life. While the Moto X Play itself had great battery life, the Vibe P1 with its 5000 mAH battery should be even better. So, let us dive into the review to see whether the smartphone ticks all the right boxes and whether it truly is the most worthy contender in the price range like the specifications suggest.

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Lenovo Vibe X3 Announced – Comes in two variants


Lenovo has announced the Vibe X3 which is the successor to the Vibe X2 from last year. The device will be available in two different variants with one end having better features and higher end specifications.

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