Sony patents new technology that detects facial expressions from selfies

Sony already makes a selfie focused Xperia C3 and now it seems like it wants to further tap the ongoing ‘selfie’ phenomenon. A new report from Venturebeat states that the company has filed patent for a unique selfie technology.

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual_fonearena-04

As per the report, the patented selfie technology takes photos of a user throughout the day and even night via a phone, camera or any other device like Google Glass. The technology then processes the photos and tags then with various expressions for each one. It finds out emotional state of every selfie taken. All these images are sent to a secure server where they are processed.

sony selfie

As the technology takes a large number of photos in a day, it will offer ways to create timelines of various emotional events that will be represented by the images ranging from happy to sad. Moving on, the system takes photos of the user during sleep as well in order to track your sleep quality and patterns. We already have fitness trackers for tracking our sleep patterns but being photographed at the time of a  REM sleep sounds a bit creepy. At pres

Author: Sneha Bokil

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