HP Opal 7-Inch WebOS coming out in August?

HP recently announced the TouchPad which is their first ever WebOS tablet. WebOS is an amazing operating system and a massive challenge to operating systems like Android and iOS. At the moment, Apple iPad is ruling the tablet world but that doesn’t mean others can’t try their luck. Android entered the tablet game last year, and Android tablets are not famous like Apple iPad but they are still growing gradually. Continue reading “HP Opal 7-Inch WebOS coming out in August?”

HP Veer 4G leaked for AT&T, hitting next month?

HP officially announced the HP Veer at Mobile World Congress which is the smallest WebOS phone and the size of the phone is almost equal to a size of credit card. The phone is small but it comes with a power of smartphones. A few days ago, we told you that AT&T will be launching the HP Veer in USA soon and it looks like the rumor was legit because our friends over at PocketNow got their hands on a press image of HP Veer running on AT&T network. Continue reading “HP Veer 4G leaked for AT&T, hitting next month?”

Keyboard-less webOS phone leaked, Pre 3 headed to Verizon

WebOS was announced by Palm back in January 2009, and last year it was acquired by HP. Back in February, HP officially announced several new devices which include their first ever webOS tablet Touchpad and successor to Pre 2 known as Pre 3. Now our friends over at PreCentral got their hands on the images of two new WebOS phones. Continue reading “Keyboard-less webOS phone leaked, Pre 3 headed to Verizon”

Palm WebOS Tablet “Topaz” coming, keyboard leaked

A few months ago, rumors were on the street that HP-Palm is planning to launch a WebOS powered tablet, and it will be known as PalmPad. HP’s Todd Bradley also confirmed it during an interview that they are working on a tablet. Continue reading “Palm WebOS Tablet “Topaz” coming, keyboard leaked”