Apple iPhone 3.0.1 OS Update Released Fixes SMS Vulnerability

Last week, O2 a UK based carrier said that Apple was due to roll out a new firmware update for the Apple iPhone in the coming weeks. Well now O2’s prediction has come right. Apple released the iPhone 3.0.1 OS Update on iTunes. The update was released a day before earlier predicted. Continue reading “Apple iPhone 3.0.1 OS Update Released Fixes SMS Vulnerability”

Apple debuts iPhone OS Version 2.2 Beta with Mobile Safari & App Store Redesign

Apple last week began testing iPhone OS v2.2 beta 1, the next software update for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices, reports Apple Insider.

Some of the key changes/updates include:

– The new iteration of MobileSafari eschews the magnifying glass and refresh buttons at the top of the screen, instead displaying the URL bar and search fields side-by-side, much like the desktop version of Safari. Page refreshes are now accomplished via a tiny icon located inside the URL bar.

– The Google search field in mobile Safari has been moved to the immediate right of the address bar . Currently you need to tap the address bar to bring up the Google search field.

iPhone 2.2 OS Continue reading “Apple debuts iPhone OS Version 2.2 Beta with Mobile Safari & App Store Redesign”

Vodafone India opens bookings for iPhone

Vodafone India has opened up bookings for the iPhone 3G .. although it would be just a 2G phone here.

There is a Pre Registration page on Vodafone’s website which lets you book your iPhone.

Both 8GB and 16GB versions will be available

Interesting Microsoft Exchange Support is going to be there .. What happens to Blackberry’s ball game in India ?

The page says Currently compatible only with 2G networks. Only select features and services
are currently available in India.

Features they claim

  • 8GB and 16GB
  • Assisted GPS
  • New applications
  • Greater autonomy
  • Microsoft Exchange

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iGoogle Updated for iPhone

iphone igoogleiGoogle and iPhone have something in common. No, no I am not talking about the “i”. The popularity of iPhone is widespread and people in different regions are waiting for the iPhone to launch, the grey market in flooded with unlocked iPhones. iPhone being a one of its kind device, which helps you make calls, listen to music and also access Internet. Continue reading “iGoogle Updated for iPhone”