Apple iPhone 5c official case unboxing


The official Apple iPhone 5c (check out our review!) case is here! After facing much ridicule over its similarities with the popularly hated Crocs flip flops, it has landed in our office, in a matching blue colour that actually goes nicely with our blue iPhone 5c. Like all the official cases, we must say that this case too, is made of high quality materials. But of course, you wouldn’t always be content with just text or photos, we know, so here’s an unboxing video showing the case in its dotted glory –


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Apple iPhone 5c Dock Unboxing


Every iPhone needs its own dock, that’s Apple’s mandate and the newly launched iPhone 5c is no exception. But there are a couple of reasons why there’s a new dock for the iPhone 5c, which is seemingly just a plastic shell with the same internals as the 5. Well, technically yes and I have answered the question right there. It’s a new plastic shell and with difference in build comes difference in thickness and weight. But the thickness is more of the concern here. While you might be able to use the iPhone 5’s dock for the 5S, it is impossible to do so for the 5c, and hence why we picked one up from Hong Kong for our blue iPhone 5c. Take a look at the unboxing and hands on video here –


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Watch this – Was Apple’s iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?


Much has been said about Apple’s iOS 7. The radical new change in the user interface launched for the public recently and it had surprised a lot of people, with most of them caught off guard. With the official and final release, more critics chimed in on how Apple got it all wrong. The animations caused nausea, some reported, the icons were too ugly, others said. The reactions have been funny as well as serious enough for Apple to keenly take notice, or at least we hope. On the matter of icons, we would agree too. They looked amateur and frankly, didn’t look like the work of talented Apple designers in our opinion. But here’s a wild thought! What if Apple had used Microsoft Word to design iOS 7?

Ok, it’s obviously a joke, but what if..? One very talented Microsoft Word user on YouTube – Vaclav Krejci asks you this question in his video titled “Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?” You just have to watch and find out –


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Apple iPhone 5c Blue Photo Gallery


The Apple iPhone 5c, as you know by now, is the company’s only coloured iPhone. It landed in our labs yesterday and we had promptly unboxed it, you should check it out if you haven’t already. We had already posted some photos of the device for the unboxing but as time went by, we could not help but take even more photos of the device just to showcase the blue iPhone 5c in all its glory. So, starting with the one above, the iPhone 5c explored with a camera, presenting you the Blue iPhone 5c Photo Gallery.

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Apple iPhone 5c Blue Unboxing


The Apple iPhone 5c has finally landed at the Fonearena HQ and we have it in our favourite colour – Blue! The new iPhone 5c is “unapologetically plastic” according to Jony Ive, the man responsible for Apple’s well known industrial design, and we have to say we agree, a lot. The iPhone 5c beautiful to look at and beautiful to hold, no doubt about that, but there are not many changes under the hood. The iPhone 5c is just the iPhone 5 with a new body, but the plastic? The colourful polycarbonate unapologetic plastic? Well, we have shot an unboxing video for you to show just that, and more –


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Unlocked Apple iPhone 5C prices starting from $549, iPhone 5 discontinued and iPhone 4S now $450


That’s right. C definitely doesn’t stand for cheap. The unsubsidized unlocked prices for the iPhone 5C have been revealed. The 16 GB version will be available for 549$ and the 32 GB version will be available for 649$. Let me do the direct conversion for you, the Indian National Rupee prices will likely be – Rs. 35,500/- for the 16 GB version and Rs. 42,000/- for the 32 GB version, rounding off to the nearest values without taxes and import duties. That seals the rumour that a low cost iPhone is on the way. It never was and is going to be the plan for Apple as they would never want to lose the insanely high ASPs that they are getting with the current iPhones.

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Apple iPhone 5C is official, Brings new design with iPhone 5 internals

Apple has just announced the iPhone 5C at an event at its campus. The device will be replacing the iPhone 5 and will be priced lower to reach out to a larger audience. The phone will be available in a range of colors including green, yellow, blue, white and red. Made of hard coated polycarbonate, it uses a new construction method that has a reinforced steel structure.

Check the unlocked prices of the all the models here.


The specifications include 4 inch retina display with integrated touch and full sRGB spectrum support. Powering it will be an A6 processor. The camera is an 8MP iSight unit with BSI, hybrid IR filter and a 5 element lens. The front camera is now better with a 1.9 micron pixel size, BSI. The iPhone 5C will have support for dual band WiFi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and LTE as well. The phone will be available for $99 for the 16GB version and $199 for the 32GB version on a two year contract. Apple also plans to introduce a range of new cases that looks very snazzy at a price point of $29 each.

China Telecom almost confirms iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C release

For the first time, Apple is hosting two events for the launch of their premium iPhone. The first event is scheduled on September 10th at Apple’s HQ in Cupertino and the second event is planned for Sept 11 in China. According to the rumor-mill, it is believed that Apple will be launching two iPhones this time – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

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