36 hours with the Acer Liquid Jade

Acer Liquid Jade-4

A few days back we spent the weekend in Edinburgh courtesy of Acer and whilst sampling the Scottish delights that include deep fried Mars Bars and Haggis, we also spent time with some of Acer’s new consumer gadgets. We’ve already taken a closer look at the Acer Liquid Leap, Iconia Tab 8 and the Switch 10 Tablet Hybrid and now we come to the fourth and final device – the Acer Liquid Jade smartphone. Continue reading “36 hours with the Acer Liquid Jade”

Acer Switch 10 Tablet-Hybrid Review


As the tech industry moves to convergence with tablets arguably replacing laptops and hybrids replacing both of them, we’re seeing many new devices released that serve the purpose of acting as both your tablet and your laptop. Often all it takes is a keyboard cover like on the Surface Pro 3 but in the case of the Acer Switch 10, this is more than just a keyboard cover. Continue reading “Acer Switch 10 Tablet-Hybrid Review”

Acer Liquid Leap SmartWatch First Impressions


Wearable technology is a fast growing market and one of the companies eager to get involved is Acer; earlier this year they announced the Acer Liquid Leap (as a companion to their Liquid Jade smartphone) and as part of our weekend to Edinburgh with Acer, we had a chance to take a closer look at this smartwatch. After 36 hours with the Liquid Leap, how good is it and how does it compare to the likes of Android Wear and fitness bands like the Sony Smartband Talk and Samsung Gear Fit? Continue reading “Acer Liquid Leap SmartWatch First Impressions”

Acer Live Blog 2014 – Let the Challenges Begin


Hello from Edinburgh where we’ve traveled on the Caledonian Sleeper train yesterday evening with Acer UK for a weekend of live blogging, challenges and mobile technology. The train yesterday evening was an interesting experience (more on that in another post) but we’re now in Edinburgh ready for the challenges – what do Acer UK have in store for us? Continue reading “Acer Live Blog 2014 – Let the Challenges Begin”