Nokia E71 spotted at Sydney

Nokia E71 codenamed Liam might the next addition to the E Series range of Nokia phones.


E71 is launched and Specs and Price

We even have Review

This phone is a slimmed down version of the hugely popular E61i. The E71 is expected to be smaller than E61i in terms of size and might be just 10mm thick !!! That would make it a Slim and Sexy E Series phone.. It is expected to have Wi-Fi , HSDPA a 3.2 Mega Pixel Camera and integrated GPS .. Hope that this device does not cry for Memory .. Nokia showcased pictures of this device at an event in Sydney , Australianokia-e71-australia.jpg

when the world was busy watching the handset launches at Barcelona .. I have been an E series fan after using the E61i for a couple of months .. Battery life and Connectivity was never a problem .. Camera and Memory were the letdowns ..

I just cant wait to get more info about the E71


A fake pic from stefan

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