Is this the new Nokia Tablet: RX-51(Nokia Rover)????…Lots of pics included

With Nokia World 2009, nearing a few of Nokia’s devices have been pictured before their scheduled launch. Earlier its was the Nokia N97 Mini and now its their next tablet device code name Nokia Rover or RX-51.

This device seems to be the next generation on Nokia Tablet, following its predecessors the N700, N800 and N810.  The device seems to be different from the previous Tablet’s as it has a SIM card slot and an earpiece suggesting that it shall also double up as your cell phone and also this tablet has a 5 Mega-pixel Carl Zeiss lens with Dual LED flash to feed the photographer in you. As with all the Tablet devices it also has a QWERTY keyboard and shall run Maemo5 Operating System.

A glance at the FCC filing shows that it contains a TV Out cable suggesting that the device has a 3.5mm jack and a TV out. Also seen along are the Micro USB charger and the data cable. The device has a memory card slot under its hood and also has a Kick stand to make watching videos a pleasure.

Its the very same device that was passed by the FCC a few days earlier. You can click here to find all the FCC related documents

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