Verizon leaks the new Droid RAZR on teaser page

While wanting to generate some good publicity, like formulating teaser pages and sending out mystery packages, you do not accidentally want to leak the product, that’s not the case with Motorola, Verizon, and the new Droid RAZR squirreled away on the teaser page (that went up this morning), Droid-Life discovered the ultra thin phone, and it was pretty much the same phone that was leaked to us previously this month. It also included 4G LTE and a patterned Kevlar back plate. This not only anguished the Droid Bionic users across the nation, but also raised a number of questions about the Ice Cream Sandwich, particularly since we are told that the ICS will get rid of those physical buttons, but we will still seek confirmation by Verizon and Motorola at tomorrow’s event.