Nokia 5800 Hidden Theme Effects

Today I was just exploring my phone as usual, when I found out a completely unseen area in Themes Section, called as “Theme Effects”. Inquisitively, I just turned it on and checked the changes it made. Man O Man, I thanks my stars for that. The effects were truly amazing, the look and feel has now changed almost drastically, It has all this cascading, slide down, from behind effects which is usually seen on an iPhone.

To activate it, just go to your Menu -> Settings -> Themes -> General on your 5800. Then select any theme you have installed and click on Options -> Theme Effects. Then click on the “On” button (By default, it is off). That’s it. (Note: This hack works on the Default Theme as well, if you have not installed any custom made themes).

Now try going back to Menu, all the cascading effects appear enroute. Though it does not appear on all the actions. But it shows effects in all the basic actions like Opening contacts, the keypad, the shortcuts in the shortcuts bar and also while closing menu, SMS’s etc.

Now this makes me think, how many more hidden features may be present in 5800, which we haven’t seen yet.
Have you seen any other hidden features in the 5800? Is it working on any custom themes? Are you getting any other special effects because of different themes? Do tell us via comments.

Author: Vikas SN

A Complete Mobile freak. Regularly Blogs about Mobiles at and Tweets as @tsuvik