Google partners with different OEM’s and carriers, guarantees timely Android updates

Google I/O conference brought a lot of good stuff today, and also some information. Google made another announcement, and we don’t want our readers to miss anything. Google officially announced their partnership with 10 OEM’s and all 4 major carriers of USA and only one major carrier of UK which is Vodafone UK, and the reason behind this is to guarantee timely Android updates to the devices. Google guarantees that the device will receive any kind of Android updates for 18 months after it’s released. Now you know that if your device capable to receive the next version of Android.

“Today we’re announcing the founding team of industry leaders that Google will work with to create new guidelines for how quickly devices are updated after new Android updates,”

I am sure that this news will make a lot of Android users happy, and now you know that if your device capable to run the next version of Android. So are you happy after listening to this good news?