MIUI 12 Dark mode 2.0: Smart wallpaper dimming, dynamic contrast and font adjustment

Xiaomi is all set to introduce MIUI 12 in China on April 27th. Today the company has started sharing the features it will bring that includes Dark Mode 2.0. MIUI got dark mode in early 2019, and with MIUI 12 it is now present in 42 built-in applications and 20 mainstream applications are deeply customized for MIUI’s dark mod, and several third-party applications now support non-linear colour invert algorithm that accurately identify interface elements, and dynamically inverts colours for each interface object. MIUI 12’s invert colour algorithm is based on Lab, HSV colour space, and the inverse colour adaptation is wider and more natural.

The Dark Mode 2.0 automatically adjust the contrast. In the dark mode, screen brightness is automatically adjusted to follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to meet the colour, high contrast colour selection and contents are sharper in light environment. Under low light conditions it will reduce the screen brightness intelligently according to the contrast.

 With MIUI 12’s Dark mode 2.0 the font weight is adjusted dynamically to reduce glare and blur, and restores normal font weight in light mode to make reading more comfortable. This will also bring smart wallpaper dimming at the pixel level, simulating the change of light and dark in the real world, restoring true colours, and dark colours are more natural.

We should know more MIUI 12 features in coming days.


Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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