T-Mobile USA also offering Samsung Galaxy Tab for $399 on contract

Yesterday, we told you that Sprint will offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $399 with a 2-yr contract, and for $599 without contract. Well the price is a little big for a 7-Inch Android powered tablet, but Sprint is not the only one who’s offering the tablet for a huge price tag. A screenshot is leaked over at Tmo-News which is showing that T-Mobile USA will offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab for the same $399 with a 2-yr contract after $50 MIR, and for $649 without contract. Both T-Mobile and Sprint contract prices are the same, so I think AT&T and Verizon will offer the tablet for the same contract price, which is a little high for some people. The unlocked price is a little higher than Apple iPad, but I think Sprint and T-Mobile will offer the 3G+WiFi version, so I think then it’s okay. I hope that AT&T and Verizon will offer a cheap price, but if they will offer the same $399 with contract, then I think people would prefer unlocked over contract. What do you people choose, with contract or without contract?