Indian Youth killed by Nokia Phone Explosion

Times of India has a shocking news that a 24 year old Indian youth was killed by a mobile phone explosion near Kota District in Rajasthan. The youth Manoj Singh was using a Nokia 1209 which exploded according to the article.

The body had burn injuries on the left ear, neck and shoulder and pieces of the exploded handset were found scattered nearby.

So the big questions are .

  • Was it a real Nokia phone or a chinese clone ?
  • Was he using a fake battery which is pretty common in India as the difference between the fake battery and original is pretty big. Rs.200 gets you a fake battery while a real original one costs Rs.1000 approx.
  • Did someone plant a explosive inside the phone ?
  • Was he using the phone with the charger connected ?

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It’s wakeup call to use our gadgets safely. Don’t buy fake spares just to save some money. It might cost your life ! What do you think ?

Author: Team FoneArena

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