Samsung Phone Explodes in Face

In a shocking incident a Samsung phone on Verizon exploded in the face of a user reports Gizmodo. The user dropped the phone inside his car and the phone exploded rendering the man shocked.Luckily the person is not blind and did not suffer any serious injuries. We are not sure if the phone was misused or  deliberately made to explode. Anyway its shocking to hear. Looks like the battery inside the phone exploded.

And this is how the phone looks when it’s not a bomb !

Whom do you blame for the phone turning into a bomb ? The user , Maker of the Phone – Samsung or Phone’s Carrier – Verizon ?

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Author: Team FoneArena

A team of mobile geeks

  • Nidz

    OMG!! hope the person is safe ..

  • Prikshit

    I am not gonna buy any samsung phone in future lol

  • WTF!! Thanks God the person is safe have heard sever battery explosion in CHina clones but this if first time hearing one for branded things. 😛

  • abhishek goswami

    i feel the fone manufacturer is more responsible as they are suppose to make sure the device does not explode in any considerable situation.while on the other hand the users are responsible to take the said guidelines while purchasing the device in mind and handle it properly…

  • Omkar Borkar

    hope the man is safe .i think the manufacturer is more responsible 4 the incident

  • Ransher

    HAhahahahahaha Samsung should just make LED and 3D LED televisions 😀

    samsung phones SUCK

  • apaul

    just an accident….nothing to scream and run around for!!

  • arnokmiy

    nobody is perfect…there s nothing to comment about such things…
    it just happened

  • viraj

    nyway !
    i dont believe on SAMSUNG !
    samsung iz just good in innovation.
    the company has innovative ideas but do not giv much attention on post use of product !

    • Majk

      Innovation, Apple innovates, Samsung copies at least as far as phone and tablets go. TV’s, Sony innovates, Samsung copies and so on…

  • Prateel

    Maker of the Phone

  • sonya

    my samsung exploded about 2:30am whilst on my bedroom floor…was scary stuff room filled with toxic smoke…lucky i take the phone to bed otherwise it would of happened down stairs n set my home on fire…..not happy about what has happened the battery melted in 2 my carpet