Motorola Droid 2 hitting Verizon on August 12th, and Epic 4G hitting Sprint on August 11th?

BGR is reporting that the Samsung Epic 4G is hitting Sprint on August 11th, and the Droid 2 is hitting Verizon on August 12th. Everyone in USA is waiting for both smartphones from anxiously. Both are very good smartphones, and are running on Android OS. Droid 2 is running Android 2.2, where Epic 4G is running Android 2.1, and will be receiving Android 2.2 later this year.

According to a leaked screenshot over at Android Central, the EPIC 4G is coming out on August 11th. The EPIC 4G is kind a confirmed for August 11th, but no words on the Droid 2. So folks stay tuned with us, hopefully we will hear some official words soon.